23 April, 2015

Siberia by The Ilkley Brewery.

My parents had a bedroom at the end of their house, nicknamed Siberia.
This was, for many years, where I resided.
Long after I have moved out of home, I continue to spend a lot of time in Siberia, not literally but metaphorically it just seemed to stick...

Siberia, unlike my general status, is a quite delicious rhubarb Saison from Yorkshire.
By definition, a Saison is a broadly defined P.A, by this I mean pale ale, not pain in the a*$
It's generally a beer around 7% and by this I mean ABV, not sense.
It's Highly carbonated with fruity and spicy characteristics and I'm all of the above!

Siberia seemed to be an apt beer to taste today 'cause, I yet again find myself residing in the metaphorical Siberia, with no ride home and no fur coat... However, this liquid version is far more pleasant.

So, for all those that find themselves relating to this post, buy a bottle of Siberia instead of living in it.

It's a golden Ale, thin white head  with a nice spritely carbonation.

It has a sweet fruit nose, slightly perfumed with fresh peaches and stoned fruits.

The palate has a lovely subtle sweetness with tangy residual rhubarb flavours and a kind of lavender finish.

FAR more appealing than the icy bedroom or that commonly experienced freezing cold shoulder.

It's available alongside the Mary-Jane IPA in Deveney's of Dundrum, both by the Ilkley Brewery, Yorkshire.

See you in Siberia,

18 April, 2015

Flying Dog The Dead Rise & SuperTramp,

I don't know about you guys but, longer days and summer beers couldn't have got here soon enough.

I was getting a little tired of Porters, Stouts, Christmas spiced ales and microwavable soups, the first sign of day light after 5.30pm and I was digging out the sun lounger and last years parasol, I'm testament to this as, as I write this I don shorts whilst straddling a plug-in radiator my granny lent me...

In my book, there are 2 seasons, Winter and Summer, the latter being a quarter of the length of the first but, 10 fold more fun, you get to drink alcohol at lunch without being high-browed, it's perfectly acceptable to have a gin and tonic at 12pm and summer seasonal beers become both as consumable and available as Italian sparkling water.

So, the first of the season...
The Flying Dog Brewery.
I have a serious soft spot for this brewery, apart from their beers being great, Ralph Steadman's artwork is worth the bottle price alone.

The dead Rise Summer Ale. A 5.6% Spiced summer ale. Lovely carbonation, fresh hoppy flavours and some jalapeno residue on the finish. Floral and crisp, a touch of sweetness, an all round grass-cuttin' beer.
Golden ale, thin white head, nose of tropical fruit and fresh hop...
Drink me cold with a hot barbecue of lobster and crab, decent company and dogs.

SuperTramp, Tart Cherry Ale.  A 5.7% Dry cherry flavoured ale. It pours with a fleck of red and a thin white head. The nose is fresh cherries and malt. The palate drinks like a geuze lambic with a fine dry cherry flavour, tart...? Most definitely but a little residual sugar on the finish.
Drink me cold with a lamb kebab, some hot coals and an Alpine fleece.

I didn't get action photographs, I was a little distracted and also, by the time I thought of it, the alfresco dining had numbed my fingers.

Get down here and avail of the new season beers, to celebrate, I'm selling them at 4 bottles for €10.00, a steal and if you collect the 5 tokens, there's a distinct possibility (not a promise) of sunshine.
(T&C's apply)


31 January, 2015

BBNO London

There's nothing more satisfying that taking off work early of a Tuesday, guilt free (unfortunately as a result of being customer shy), with a few beers and some country air.

Monday night ran into Tuesday morning, as a result of The Off-Licence of the Year Awards, I didn't make it to Copper's thankfully but I did do some damage in House - the nightclub (I also did some damage in-house on G&T's) not badly though, Tuesday morning raised it's head and it wasn't too ugly.

Got my few jobs done, made my way to Wicklow, borrowed a dog and walked up a thirst.

Brew by Numbers comes highly recommended, it's one of the newest breweries on the Irish market in 2015 and if this is the standard we've to look forward to, it'll see the consumption of craft beer in Ireland continue to climb steadily.
So all those cynics that think craft is all label, no substance, get in, take a punt on €3.79 and prepare to be embarrassed by your prejudice and shown up by your palate.

I started with the BBNO Witbier, orange and lemon...

I hear you say 'What's so different about a Witbier that has orange and lemon...? Sure even Hoegaarden has that...'
Well pal, I challenge you to spot the difference.

Firstly, it's lighter, sometimes Witbiers can have a heavy mouth feel, too creamy and some solid sediment floating about. This doesn't, it's light, spritely, creamy but also kind of lemonade-y.

Coriander and orange peel with lemonade-y lemon tones on the nose.
Thankfully the coriander doesn't feature on the palate, instead this is replaced with lemon tart lemon, orange peel and a nice round palate which finishes fresh.
Not far off what you'd imagine an unsweetened liquid lemon meringue pie to taste like.

We finished that off and started on the BBNO Saison...

I'm a fan of Saison as a style, I drink quite a lot of Saison Dupont and many deem that as the benchmark.
This is quite different. To start with, even though there's always a funkiness about a Saison, naturally, this is more prominent than a traditional Belgium farmhouse beer.

The nose is funky, yeasty with lovely floral tones.

The palate is grassy, zingy and the finishing flavour is definitely grapefruit but I struggle to taste the ginger.
There is a spiciness but, would I detect it if I hadn't read the front label...? Nope!
In saying that though, I don't think it misses it.
The wild greenness on the palate, spritely acidity, light carbonation and grapefruit finish makes it a really good beer and definitely something to look forward to with longer jacket-less days.

Drop in, the whole range is available and they're worth the few quid.

10 July, 2014

Rubaeus by Founders

I'm just going to say it... I hate football.

I'm sure there's a lot of women out there that know who qualified to partake in the 2014 World Cup but me, I just about know that the host country is Brasil  and in truth, there was still enough of a Google doubt to yes, do the unthinkable...!

So, in the interest of attempting to strike a little hormonal balance (30 odd days of progesterone overload) , Founders have launched Rubaeus, Pure raspberry ale and this bi-gender beer could keep me from talking through penalties, asking what colour Jersey Ireland are wearing and accidentally(!) knocking off the series link to the highlights.

Buy this!!!

In the glass, raspberry, pink and red hues with a think off pink head.
The nose, freshly picked raspberry with that fresh raspberry acidity that makes your mouth water, at this point I knew how great it was going to be...
Then the palate, Jeez! Fresh raspberry and clean hops with a raspberry flavour that coats your mouth like a syrup and the flavour goes on and on. Yes it's off dry but the acidity balances any potential opportunity for clawing sweetness and gives it a lift of freshness that's sometimes missing from other fruit beers.

So climb out of that closet, the days of judging are over, buy a Rubaeus, admit to that guilty pleasure and who knows. maybe we could give up on the football dream and try our hand at cross stitch or netball.

In stock now, hurry up and get some.

25 January, 2014

Hoppy Christmas, Brewdog.

For all those that received The Beer Box this December 2013, you more than likely unwrapped one of these...

This replaced the highly criticised label ''There is no Santa'' by Brewdog, in our line-up, which appeared in our 2012
Original Beer Box. 
I was under strict instructions from some of our corporate clients, to NOT feature it again, as a result of
''An inappropriate bottle statement'' and recipients having to wrap ''said'' bottle in Christmas paper, in order to consume in the presence of children.
In essence, Brewdog/ Beerbox.ie potentially ruined Christmas for 100's of literate Santa believers, however, it wasn't the only barred beer from the 2013 box, Santa's Butt, Reindeer Droppings and Pearl Necklace were to name but a few...

So, we settled on Hoppy Christmas, the festive Pale Ale and I'm happy with the substitute!
At 7,2% though, a few of these down your neck and you could end up ruining Christmas yourself...

A golden Pale Ale with flecks of red.
The nose, an array of tropical fruits, mango, grapefruit, pineapple - a Caribbean Fruit cocktail and pretty mouthwatering at that.
The Palate displays strong grapefruit flavours with a slice of  papaya and a crunchy granny smith on the finish.
For a hoppy Pale from Brewdog, renowned for their hop enthusiasm, there's little-to-no hop astringency on the finish, a true Pale Ale.

If you haven't gotten stuck in already, do it, with that much fruit, it has to comply with your January juicing diet.


16 January, 2014

The Devil's Half Acre, 2014.

I think, without being the promoter of negativity, I'd be pretty confident in saying that January, of all 12 months of the year, happens to be a really bad month...

Apart from having to contend with ambitious New Years Resolutions (for those that make them), you are also required to curb socialising as a result of abstemious friends and this year, more so than any previous, there seems to be an increase in this.

I've grown tired of  a few words in the last 15 days, the top 3 being - 'Detox', 'Kettle Bells' and 'Juicing', I'd be fonder of you all if you said things like... ''What's our plan for the weekend?'' or ''Fancy a glass of wine on Tuesday?''.

I have been beating the anti-Abstinence drum for a number of years but to no avail, so, instead of joining you, I'm having a relatively solo celebration (bar one or 2 hardcore friends) and in honour of this, I'm pulling out the big guns tonight and reviewing a 13.5% black IPA, not just any though...
The Devils HalfAcre by Porterhouse Brewery 

Porterhouse, who never disappoint, have played an absolute blinder with this Limited Edition.
A black IPA aged in Kilbeggan cask, bottle conditioned and unpasteurised.
This pours like a porter with a frothy stout head.
The nose is packed with coffee, black liquorice and some cocoa and that same characteristic synonymous with Black IPA's... Germolene, it's definitely there, despite what you say!

The palate is treacly with espresso and black liquorice and the minute it hits your stomach, you feel that 13.5% abv but not unpleasantly, it's like someones kick-started the furnace.

As with all Porterhouse beers, they're amazing value and quality and consistency is their family attributes.

Buy it or regret it later, a must for 2014.

Hope you all have a 13.5% January.


23 September, 2013

The Dublin Wine & Fizz Fest 2013.

For 5 years we've been bringing you ''The Secret 'BEER' Garden''. We run this event to showcase the best
'Craft' beers available on the market, this event supports us, the independent specialist and the small importer and producer, who keep the drinks industry in Ireland, fresh and exciting...

So, we thought, what if we applied this theory to wine? What if we could show you, the consumer, some of the best wines available and give you the opportunity to try them, without investing in a bottle?
On this concept, ''The Dublin Wine and Fizz Fest'' was born.

Deveney's of Dundrum presents, 
The Dublin Wine and Fizz Fest 2013.
A 2 day festival supporting all the greatest wines, Champagnes, Sherries, Ports, Fortifieds, Proseccos and the list goes on...

Saturday, October 19th 2013. 2pm - 9pm.
Sunday, October 20th 2013. 2pm - 8pm.

We've teamed wines with food and music to bring you the best consumer wine event, of the year!

Tickets are available through the event website:

Ticket price:
- €15.00 per person, per day.
Includes a Riedel glass worth €10.00 on arrival (you get to bring this home!) http://www.riedel.com/
- €25.00 per couple, per day.
Includes a free Riedel glass on arrival per person, worth €10.00 (you also get to bring this home) http://www.riedel.com/

Don't miss out on the opportunity to taste 100's of the greatest wines, meet the superstars of the wine world and be part of the wine event of the year!!

We want to hear from you, visit us @

Find us on Facebook.

Hope to see you all there!

19 August, 2013

Craft Beer Deals 19/08/13-26/08/13

We're great at having a few good Craft beer specials a week but what we're not good at, is communicating them!
We'll have a weekly update on our 7 day Craft beer specials, drop into the shop or Bookmark us, we'll have something interesting to boast about...

So, to kick us off, this week
(Monday, 19th August 2013 - Monday 26th August 2013 or while stocks last)
We have...

The original quaffer, Fruh Kolsch on a 4 x 500ml bottles for €10.00.

A strong French Blonde, Bellerose on a 4 x 330ml bottles for €10.00

The ominous Yellow Snow by Rogue (It's a delicious I.P.A not something to avoid sleighing over)
4 x 355ml for €12.00

We'll see you here to avail of the all, one or none of the above 'cause we've another 350 beers to choose from.

17 August, 2013

Sharp's Connoisseur Ales.

A few years ago, there was a slight flurry, for a few months, about a chocolate designed for wine lovers.
I am a wine lover but for some reason, this concept didn't bode well.
I'm a big fan of Port, dessert wines, new world and old, sweet Riesling, off dry Pinot Gris or just about anything sugar driven... give me a bag of Cola Bottles or a Mr. Freeze and my mood lifts 10 fold but for some reason, glass of wine or beer in hand, I always reach for a wedge of cheese, a tube of Pringles or if we're low on provisions, a cream cracker will do. This was until myself and my new obsession had our first encounter...

Sharp's Connoisseurs were introduced to me under cloak and dagger. The range hadn't been launched nor had there been any secret tastings or press release about the exciting new development (I'm a self confessed marketers dream so new product excitement is pretty normal however, my reaction was more like Violet Beauregarde and the roast dinner and blueberry tart gum, I may have snatched and torn the crown cap off with my bare hands but fortunately enough I wasn't rolled off site by a Oompa Loompa).
Why? you ask yourself...

The Connoisseurs Range isn't just Engilsh Ale produced on the style of Belgian greats, it's both of those things with a bar of CHOCOLATE!!!
Sharp's have commissioned a craft Chocolatier from Cornwall to develop a chocolate to go with each of their Ales and this is no ploy to reel in the suckers, if it is, it works!

The Quadruple is a dark ale with some spritely carbonation and a creamy, almost Guinness like head in the glass. It smells like mocha, dark chocolate and over ripe fruit. The first flavours on the palate are those displayed on the nose teamed with a sharpness, there's a burst of initial sweetness that gives way to a bitterness reminiscent of dark chocolate and then you take a square of 70% Chocolate!!
The chocolate is amazing!! Raw cocoa flavours, oily chocolate bitterness but it gives way to a moment of creaminess, finishing like any good high content cocoa should, with a sharpness that would give, even the most amateur chocolate lovers, a rake of goosebumps. Whatever the chocolate and ale combo does to your tastebuds, it's almost indescribable! The balance that forms between the high content cocoa and the dark flavourful Ale is, not to sound like an ad for a packet of crisps, a taste sensation!

The Honey Spice is a glass of it's namesake. A golden coloured ale with some red hues and a foamy head. The nose is honeyed and tropical with some bready notes. The palate is sweet with some clean hop bitterness which makes it a very balanced mouthfeel.
The chocolate designed to go with this is white chocolate and lemon meringue, which sounds bizarre but just works so well. Creamy sweetness with a citrus lift from the lemon and the hop presence, it's better than any dessert trolley.

So, when you're in need of some 'me time' or a break from the kids, forget locking yourself into the loo with a Mars Bar for a minutes peace or eating a tub of Haagen Daaz in the garage, pick up 4 bottles of Sharp's Connoisseurs and get a free bar of chocolate and stash it away for the 'Peace Break'!

Available in Deveney's of Dundrum, until I've made my way through the lot.


03 July, 2013

4th of July 2013 Invite.

Happy 4th of July...!!

We may not be in NYC by the bandstand in Central Park or celebrating with a bottle of Utopias, necking it on the wall outside Beacon Hill but we've got a special invite for you and no long haul flight needed!

Alltech Ireland will be hosting a happy hour in honour of the launch of the first Brewing and Distilling convention, here in Dublin.

You gotta put your name down so email Siobhan to confirm attendance...

And what better place to have it... Against the Grain on Wexford Street...!

I'd love to make it however, I'll be manning the station here in Dundrum, on hand to help any U.S expats and supporters of Freedom and the birth of a great brewing country and home of the hamburger...

Drop in on your way home to avail of our American beer specials and have a glass of U.S Zin.

Enjoy all.

26 March, 2013

The Secret 'BEER' Garden 2013

Yes, it's back...!!
Our 5th year and shaping up to be the best yet -

Deveney's of Dundrum presents 
The Secret 'BEER' Garden 2013

On this announcement, those that have frequented the event on previous years will now be experiencing feelings of extreme 'Christmas eve' excitement.
For the novice, reading this notification, clear your diary, get your ticket and line-up your mother-in-law... you need a babysitter!
Diary entry as follows...

Deveney's of Dundrum, The Secret 'BEER' Garden 2013
WHEN: Saturday, May 25th 2013
WHERE: The Secret 'BEER' Garden @Pembroke District, Dundrum Town Centre.
TIME: 2.20pm - 10pm.
Ticket price includes access all areas, Official Festival Tankard, 3 x complimentary Beer Dollars, all day entertainment.

What's available on tasting...?
Brewdog - Rogue - Brooklyn - Schneider - Hirsch - Kentucky Bourbon - Erdinger - Samuel Adam - Porterhouse - Flying Dog - Widmer Bros. - Red Hook - Duvel - 5Lamps - J.W Sweetman - MacIvor's - Youngs - Well's - Innis & Gunn - Dungarvan Brewing Co. - White Gypsy - Shepherd Neame - Blue Moon - Franciscan Wells - Tempted Ciders. & Many many many more!!!
Keep an eye on our website for updates.

Tickets available on line through: www.beerfestival.ie 
or pick them up at your local Independent Specialist Off Licence:
Deveney's of Dundrum, Baggot Street wines, Redmond's of Ranelagh, Jus de Vin Portmarnock, McHughs, Deveney's of Rathmines, The Vintry Rathgar.
Contact Deveney's of Dundrum for further details on: 01-2984288

Looking forward to seeing you all here!
It'll be the beer event of the year, guaranteed!!!


09 August, 2012

The Secret 'BEER' Garden 2012

It's happening... Fast!! So fast it's nearly upon us!

Deveney's Lughnasa Beer Festival has had an overhaul; it's been nicked; tucked; rehoused and given a new name but it's looking good...

----- So; introducing the new and fabulous -------

Deveney's of Dundrum presents:
The Secret 'BEER' Garden Festival 2012

Where?? ''The Beer Garden marquee'' @ Pembroke District; Dundrum Town Centre.
When??? Saturday; September 15th 2012 - 2.30pm to 10pm.
What???? A craft bottled beer festival with 100's of craft beers from around the world; live music; great food and an incredible atmosphere! All housed under the garden marquee. Taste the world of beers; meet brewers and beers specialists; eat your weight in great food and enjoy the Secret 'BEER' garden festivities!!!!

Tickets €20.00 pp. 
(Ticket price includes: Access all areas; the official festival tankard; 3 x complimentary beer tokens; Official festival booklet and live entertainment)
* Over 18's ONLY event; ID may be required on entry if under 25yrs*

Tickets available through:
- www.beerfestival.ie
- Deveney's of Dundrum; 31 Main Street Dundrum.
Ticket agents:
Redmonds of Ranelagh
Deveney's of Rathmines
Jus de Vin Portmarnock
Martin's of Fairview
McHugh's Malahide Road

Don't forget this is a ticket ONLY event; leave no room for disappointment!

Hope to see you all here...

28 April, 2012

Tucher Bajuvator Doppel

Myself and my good pal Jimmy Redmond took a trip to Galway on a quest for some new beers recently.

The Tucher Brewery was one of many that made the cut.
What appealed to me most about the Tucher range was the consistency between nose and palate; I often find with some of the German beers available on the Irish market; they seem to either have one or the other
- a mouthwatering nose with a flavourless palate or vice versa.

Tucher is from Nuremberg; Germany and was established in 1672. The brewery has had a chequered history of complicated name changes; in the form of  ''The Wheat Beer Brewery'' - direct translation and then becoming ''The Royal Wheat Beer Brewery''. Finally it was purchased in the mid 19th century by the Tucher family; they still make a mean Weiss beer and well worth trying.

The Dopplebock; Bajuvator; comes in at 7.5% abv. As a fan of the German strong beers; this; for me is a perfect example of a well balanced; creamy; one beer wonder; although the German cartoon Fraulein carrying at least 6 steins; on the label indicates a session beer...

It smells like sweet caramel and I get desiccated coconut; vanilla; mashed bananas with a milkiness. In the glass it's a rich dark brown colour with reddy; golden flecks and a brown creamy head.
The palate is slightly perfumed initially which gives way to the caramel creaminess of the nose; ripe banana and this lovely balanced sweetness that you'd expect from the 7.5% abv. The sweetness is by no mead clawing and falls away to a milky banana flavour on the finish.

We also have Tucher Pilsener; Dunkel and Weiss... Take your pick!

18 April, 2012

Henneys‚ Henry Weston‚ Bretons‚ Stonewell‚ Madden's - Ciders for Summer 2012

In true Irish form warm weather optimism has infected me yet again!

The belief in a decent-long-short wearing-water conserving- sunscreen necessity-summer has crept into my bones‚ I hear myself spouting involuntarily ''I think we're in for a heat wave this summer!!'' complete with an excited lilt...
 Apart from having no met-Eireann experience and the solid fact that every single year I have been known to forecast a similar climate change without success.

So‚ I have taken a new approach for 2012...
I am referring to it as the 'Sun-mer intervention'‚ to you guys it's a huge range of new ciders!
The seance appears in the form of 36 new varieties -
Henney's - Westons original - Henry Westons - Stonewell - Madden's - Breton's - Golden Goblet - Wychwood - Aspall and the list goes on...

Get in here and will our weather!

17 February, 2012

Westvleteren 12... Oh yes you can!!!

For those of you familiar with the hidden Trappist beer; it needs no introduction. I had heard rumours about this rare and challenging acquisition and knew it only as the unattainable but great Trappist.
I had heard of the great lengths people would go to to get their hands on a couple of bottles and the even greater lengths the Trappist monks would go to; to keep the availability to a tight minimum. They will sell to a maximum of 60 people per day and only to those that have phoned and pre booked in advance.

So why is this beer available in Deveney's; I hear you ask??

The answer is not that I have strong connections with the Holy cloth...
The lads just need the money! The monastery needs a refurb. and what better way to raise some cash than to sell it to the degenerates of the World; the ones that might be refused at the Monastery gates; you and I!! They have released 70000 of these gift packs World wide and we've got some!!.

It's a 6 pack with 2 tasting glasses wrapped up in a cardboard brick. The idea being that you buy a brick and help rebuild the Monastery (if that doesn't tug on the heart strings!!)
This is a one off however; so; buy it and drink it; buy it and store it and drink it or buy it and sell it on e-bay! But buy it!
Westvleteren 12 has a 10.2% ABV. It's a dark; malty beer with a big complex palate; a fruity almost wine nose and a warming alcohol; malty body.
Westvleteren 12 Gift pack on sale in Deveney's €50.00; Limited stock available!!!

Ruth xx

08 February, 2012

Valentines Day 2012...

A gift that definitely beats a cuddly toy...
Deveney's of Dundrum is here again; offering the answer to any Valentines conundrums. Be it under guise of a secret admirer or one-Valentine-shared-too-many; we're on it. Beer is our game and discreetness comes a close second (along with delivery nationwide and good card writing skills!)

The Valentine Beer Box contains...
A mix of  12 obscure and unusual beers;
Our beer tankard and some chocolate aphrodisiacs.
Delivered to your/their door; Nationwide for €50.00.
If this sounds like a useful; easy gift. Get in touch.
Phone: 01-2984288
or Order on line via:

Remember this simple equation:
***Love = a box of beer***

Ruth xx

19 January, 2012

Brooklyn Winter Ale 2012.

Brooklyn Winter Ale has arrived in Deveney's; albeit at the tail end of the winter beer flurry but like all of Brooklyn's seasonal's; it's well worth the experiment; especially for the €2.59 price tag.
This pours an amber colour; veering on a brown ale with some reddish tones. It has a nice thin creamy head.
It smells quite soapy; almost like talcum powder with a creaminess and some orangey notes.
Thankfully though; there's no Johnson's baby talc evident on the palate; there's some nice fruit but this gives way to a slightly meaty; savoury flavour not unlike Pennant ale. The carbonation is lively and it leaves a nice prickly sensation on the tongue which results in a really refreshing beverage experience; this almost flies in the face of everything that reminds me of a winter beer... It's good though; really good.

14 January, 2012

Yule Ol

So I'm back...
Although the Yule tide has been and past; I know there are some of you hoarding a couple of stray bottles from your Beer Box. If you are lucky enough to have a Yule Ol stashed in your beer closet; under the stairs or in that fridge drawer that my mother informed me; is to store vegetables; not beer. Today is your lucky Saturday.
However; if you tore open the box/ bag and devoured every bottle before Stephen's day; I can't sell you any more... So don't torture yourselves by reading on. This was a Christmas surprise; a really good one; not an Aunty Ann stripy sock special.

I tasted this with my non-craft-beer-drinking sister; Clare. Clare sells wine for a living; her preference being white without food and always red on a Thursday night with cheese and Sunday with a roast; drinks Corona in her spare suburban time and is a fan of a rum and ginger when frequenting the city centre.
This is the first time I've seen her really impressed by a craft beer and here's why...

It pours a deep amber colour with a nice thin frothy head. The kinda beer that you'd like to have a bath in. It looks luxurious and delicious.
Immediately; the nose exudes notes of Toffee apple; burnt sugar and loads of lavender. Salivation begins.
When it hits your mouth; there's a prickle of carbonation teamed with burnt sugar/ toffee and floral flavours but surprisingly enough; they marry really well. There's a hint of sweetness and this gives way to hop acidity and this lovely long finish of lavender and toffee. Really good beer...
It's gone though!
White Gypsy; if you come across this blog post; we; at Deveney's loved your beer!! We'd stick it into the top 7 Christmas beers available this year.
Irish Craft beer at it's best.

24 November, 2011

BeerBox 2011 and our new edition...

Yes; it's true...
Back by popular demand ''The Beer Box''

For those that have been doing without; ''The Beer Box'' is our 12 bottle seasonal selection of rare and unusual craft beers from all over the World; a beer snack and Glass; delivered ANYWHERE in Ireland for the nominal fee of €50.00.
Buy on line www.beerbox.ie or pick up the phone 01-2984288

And presenting.....

Our Brand New Beer Gift 2011:
''The Beer Bag''
Our branded beer bag contains 5 rare and unusual seasonal beers;
a beer glass and snack for €20.00 (collection ONLY)

*The selection varies week to week; seasonal beers are available in limited quantity.
Selection contains only Craft Beers
Delivery takes 2 working days within Dublin and 3 working days Nationwide (ROI)*
Order on Line or visit us in Dundrum; we'd love to see you!!

19 November, 2011

Delirium Christmas 2011.

Nothing says Christmas like the arrival of the iconic Christmas beers...
I'm still awaiting the American greats but the Belgian lovelies are in; with a new edition to my favourite collection; Delirium Christmas!!!!!! Apart from the the excitement of the pink elephant  (Deliriums mascot) fashioning a Santa hat whilst ice-skating! The beer is; dare I say it; better than Nocturnum! My all time favourite. Is this a case of blatant fickle behaviour or a side effect of Michael Buble flicking the switch on Dublin's Christmas lights?? I'll let you be the judge of that...

Delirium Christmas pours a deep honey colour with flecks of treacle and a slightly pink hue. The nose is like a Christmas pudding - orange peel; clove and cinnamon with some raisined fruit. The palate is almost better; if you can believe it... honey fruit flavours; orange and cinnamon; a sweet mouthful that finishes with a clean flavour that's reminiscent of starfruit. It cuts through the finishes with a sharp balanced acidity. This is a 10%er!! but the alcohol is hidden and it all comes together like Christmas eve.
Try this as an alternative to Port; in multiple quantity it could act as a flu deterrent but if it's too late to deter; a great get-well-soon gift with elephant powers!!!
I love you  Delirium Christmas!!!!
Get it quick; in the fridge now and open for tasting.

21 October, 2011

Thornbridge Raven Black I.P.A

Since Thornbridge arrived on our shelves we have tasted the reason they warrant a higher price tag. The Kipling and Jaipur came in as quick as they went out and in true craft beer brilliance created their own supply and demand craze. With the new shipment comes a couple of new innovative styles including ''Versa'' weisse beer and; on tasting this evening; ''Raven'' Black I.P.A...
This is a 6.6% dark; porter style beer but... it's an I.P.A! Initially getting my head around it was comparable to ordering a gherkin and Nutella toasted sandwich...
It pours like a porter with a creamy coffee head. The nose is quite subtle to start and then it breaks into a floral chocolatey coffee liquid; with some medicinal notes thrown in for good measure.
The palate is even further from unusual than initially anticipated. It starts off sweet and almost
lemonadey; pleasant and easy drinking; this rapidly evolves into black instant coffee; hospital disinfectant  with a texture of antiseptic cream; all joking aside; it has a flavour and oiliness that's reminiscent of an accidental tongue brush with ''Savlon''. The finish has a hairspray chalkiness and some intense hop flavours.
I know this all sounds very negative and being true to my word; it's not my kinda beer; however I seem to be the only disappointed fan.
If you've tried it; please post a tasting note... Dying to know what you think!
It's available currently if you're prepared to risk it!
Also in stock; Jaipur; The Kipling; Versa and Wild Swan; which are as good as the price indicates.
Ruth xx

21 September, 2011

Rogue Dead Guy Ale.

Rogue Beers have arrived!!!
One of the most popular breweries on tasting at
''Deveney's Lughnasa Beer Festival 2011'' but due to high winds; Tornadoes and Hurricane Irene; the stock was a little late. How and never; it's here; refrigerated and ready to be tasted... The Thursday Beer tastings resume; after a long pre-festival break.

Dead Guy Ale; with what I thought was a small child skeleton with a Pope's hat and a tankard of beer on the label; initailly; had to be first up for tasting. However; thankfully; it's apparently not a small child; it's just a skeleton wearing a beehive hat; so you can drink easy my friends!!...
The image on the label is to honour the Mayan Day of The Dead (kinda like our Halloween); this is the closest we'll come to a Autumn Seasonal Beer this year.
*Possible Trivia Pursuit interest* and for those of us that aren't familiar with The Mayan Day of the Dead; me included until I did my research. It's the celebration of the Monarch Butterflies that return to Mexico each year; around the end of October; they're believed to bring the spirits of the dead home.  These spirits are honoured during  ''Los Dias de los Muertos'' - Days of the Dead. This tradition dates back to 1800 BC.
The beer pours a dark golden amber ale colour with a red hue just under the head. The head is thin and slightly fizzy on the palate.
The nose has loads of vanilla; caramel; fresh coffee bean and candy floss. The palate is sweet to start and really candied but finishes with a bitter hop oiliness that gets more intense as the sweetness fades.
Really unusual and I'd imagine; the reference to waking the dead is in relation to the hop content on the finish; it's about as unexpected as finding a chewing gum ball at the end of your plastic ice-cream container... pleasant surprise for most but shock for those with bubblegum allergies.
Fortunately; I love both.
Ruth xx
*Rogue varieties available to purchase in Deveney's...
-Hazelnut Brown
-Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout
-St Rogue Red Ale
-American Amber Ale
-Mocha Porter
-Juniper Pale Ale
-Dead Guy Ale.


23 July, 2011

Lindeman's Framboise

I've been very quiet; not quiet enough to abstain from a few beers but just too busy to post. The festival is pending; lists are long; fear is high; nerves are simmering but today; the weather intervened... A lull in footfall; a break from email and the realisation that the summer is happening - cue: Lindemans Framboise Lambic.
For all those that have not read previous posts; I'm a Fruit beer lover and not afraid to admit it (very uncool; apparently).
I believe that Fruit beer; to the beer lover is what ''MMMbop'' is to the discerning music collector... Outward loathing (over-acted); inward incessant humming.
I; on the hand; fly the flag proudly for this delicious beer beverage.
Lindemans is no different.
I opened the crown cap and went to get a glass from the other side of the shop. By the time I got half way back to where the open bottle sat; the smell of fresh raspberry had dispersed; it's pretty impressive for a 250ml bottle of liquid; against an open door on a busy main street and a large commercial dairy fridge to contend with.
As you can see from the picture; it's a deep raspberry colour with a light frothy head. It looks like a melted Mr.Freeze.
The nose is fresh raspberry with a greenness; you can almost smell the acidity.
The palate is big fresh raspberry flavours; with a crushed raspberry tartness and the oily acidity from the raspberry pips is evident on the finish.
Try it really chilled in a glass from your freezer or add a drop to a glass of prosecco....
I also have it in cherry and peach.
I don't condone the consumption of mass alcohol units but it's a very nice mixer with vodka or gin to make a fruit martini...
Enjoy the nice weather;

21 May, 2011

Alice Porter - Brewdog Seasonal.

The most popular beer question of all time; porter Vs. Stout... What exactly sets them apart?.
Porter still remains the one style of beer that; when researched; all dates and origins differ. Is it Irish; British or German?; Was the style created pre 1700's or somewhere between 1735 and 1739. I can't answer any of them with confidence. Most accounts of British Brewing in the 1700's say that Porter was a ready made blend of 3 different styles previously available - ''ale''; ''beer'' and ''twopenny'' and because it was a combination of all 3; it was known as ''entire'' (I love this)... When doing my research; it became evident that the style 'Porter' evolved due to economic circumstances and not as a result of the romantic elusive myths... I'm going to ignore that though and continue with conjured thought of cobble stoned Dickens streets; shoves of mist and secret beer recipes brewed under cloak.
Alice Porter; named after 'Alice' the Lewis character; is a traditional Porter with the Brewdog twist. It's a 6.2% dark porter.
The nose is complex and really unusual. I get medicinal elements; like a tonic with eucalyptus; orange and malt. The palate displays malt; coffee and quinine with a really nice balanced sweetness to counteract the oiliness and acidity of the quinine flavours.
It's a tough one to match with food because although the flavours I'm describing are quite brash; it has this elegant lightness. I reckon this is a beer for game meat. If you're out hunting pheasants in your tweed over the weekend; stop by for a couple of bottles... Far more economical that a 1st growth Bordeaux.
Good job lads; again.
Another great Brewdog varietal to add to your list.

Macs Great White.

The lack of posting is purely Festival related; new beers are in abundance; time on the other hand is not.
The Mac's range arrived in a week ago - Hop Rocker; Great White; Black Mac and Isaac's Cider along with a fridge full of new gear... I'm sorry for neglecting to inform you all.

Mac's Great White was our Thursday choice.
I've always been an advocate of New Zealand beers. I spent a financially challenged week in a grim hostel in Auckland about 8 years ago. The purpose of my stay was purely Visa related; unfortunately. My bank balance didn't stretch any further than the local bottle shop and an unhealthy obsession with the 'Pokies'; which resulted in a loss far greater than a weeks spend; travelling around the North Island.
I lived on spreadable cheese sandwiches and Speights; Steinlager and Mac's original. The beers were great; the cheez; not so...

This is a beer for the Hoegaarden/ St.Bernardus/ White Hawk lover.
It pours like a cloudy apple juice; lemon coloured white beer.
The nose is really fresh; Jif lemon; Yankee Candle Clean cotton aromas with Vanilla.
The carbonation is lively; far more prominent than any of the beers mentioned as similar. It tastes like a vailla milkshake. Creamy with lemon and citrus flavours. Although the mouthfeel is fat; the flavours are not heavy; it's definitely a beer that you could drink a 6 pack of; easily.
It's a 5% summer salad beer or try it with meaty fish on the barbecue.
Good to see you again Mac's; I'm pretty happy it's under more favourable living conditions though.