19 November, 2011

Delirium Christmas 2011.

Nothing says Christmas like the arrival of the iconic Christmas beers...
I'm still awaiting the American greats but the Belgian lovelies are in; with a new edition to my favourite collection; Delirium Christmas!!!!!! Apart from the the excitement of the pink elephant  (Deliriums mascot) fashioning a Santa hat whilst ice-skating! The beer is; dare I say it; better than Nocturnum! My all time favourite. Is this a case of blatant fickle behaviour or a side effect of Michael Buble flicking the switch on Dublin's Christmas lights?? I'll let you be the judge of that...

Delirium Christmas pours a deep honey colour with flecks of treacle and a slightly pink hue. The nose is like a Christmas pudding - orange peel; clove and cinnamon with some raisined fruit. The palate is almost better; if you can believe it... honey fruit flavours; orange and cinnamon; a sweet mouthful that finishes with a clean flavour that's reminiscent of starfruit. It cuts through the finishes with a sharp balanced acidity. This is a 10%er!! but the alcohol is hidden and it all comes together like Christmas eve.
Try this as an alternative to Port; in multiple quantity it could act as a flu deterrent but if it's too late to deter; a great get-well-soon gift with elephant powers!!!
I love you  Delirium Christmas!!!!
Get it quick; in the fridge now and open for tasting.

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