18 April, 2012

Henneys‚ Henry Weston‚ Bretons‚ Stonewell‚ Madden's - Ciders for Summer 2012

In true Irish form warm weather optimism has infected me yet again!

The belief in a decent-long-short wearing-water conserving- sunscreen necessity-summer has crept into my bones‚ I hear myself spouting involuntarily ''I think we're in for a heat wave this summer!!'' complete with an excited lilt...
 Apart from having no met-Eireann experience and the solid fact that every single year I have been known to forecast a similar climate change without success.

So‚ I have taken a new approach for 2012...
I am referring to it as the 'Sun-mer intervention'‚ to you guys it's a huge range of new ciders!
The seance appears in the form of 36 new varieties -
Henney's - Westons original - Henry Westons - Stonewell - Madden's - Breton's - Golden Goblet - Wychwood - Aspall and the list goes on...

Get in here and will our weather!

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