21 October, 2011

Thornbridge Raven Black I.P.A

Since Thornbridge arrived on our shelves we have tasted the reason they warrant a higher price tag. The Kipling and Jaipur came in as quick as they went out and in true craft beer brilliance created their own supply and demand craze. With the new shipment comes a couple of new innovative styles including ''Versa'' weisse beer and; on tasting this evening; ''Raven'' Black I.P.A...
This is a 6.6% dark; porter style beer but... it's an I.P.A! Initially getting my head around it was comparable to ordering a gherkin and Nutella toasted sandwich...
It pours like a porter with a creamy coffee head. The nose is quite subtle to start and then it breaks into a floral chocolatey coffee liquid; with some medicinal notes thrown in for good measure.
The palate is even further from unusual than initially anticipated. It starts off sweet and almost
lemonadey; pleasant and easy drinking; this rapidly evolves into black instant coffee; hospital disinfectant  with a texture of antiseptic cream; all joking aside; it has a flavour and oiliness that's reminiscent of an accidental tongue brush with ''Savlon''. The finish has a hairspray chalkiness and some intense hop flavours.
I know this all sounds very negative and being true to my word; it's not my kinda beer; however I seem to be the only disappointed fan.
If you've tried it; please post a tasting note... Dying to know what you think!
It's available currently if you're prepared to risk it!
Also in stock; Jaipur; The Kipling; Versa and Wild Swan; which are as good as the price indicates.
Ruth xx