31 May, 2009

June tasting.....

Although I do try and keep the tasting to the 3rd Thursday of every month, unfortunately this month I'm taking my beer exploration to Spain on the 18th so our meeting will be Thursday 11th June. Finally, the highly anticipated ales expected for our May meeting have landed in Dublin, according to my source. The line-up will be all brand new stock with no old reliables amongst the 6. You'll have to trust me that it'll be exciting and worth the attendance. The usual drill, see you all between 6.30pm and 8pm, Thursday 11th June......

All welcome, so bring your grannies.

See you in 2 weeks and enjoy the incredible weather.


21 May, 2009

More Girls Please.......

I was always a little reluctant to try Ales and Bitters probably because of the association I drew between them and Coronation street....

I am officially an ale drinker, attractive, possibly not in a woman- obviously that's only something I can say.

Theres huge similarities between tasting a good ale and a wine and I was surprised by the complexity and layered flavours that developed in the glass- as completely anorak as that sounds!!

The usual suspects arrived at 6.30 along with some new members. We kicked off with the new Youngs London ale and Youngs bitter, I'd had them chilling for the afternoon and they were a little too cold. Initially they were very similar in style, citrusy zesty palates, clean and surprisingly easy drinking. I was a little disappointed by there likeness but as the tasting wore on and the bottles resembled something close to room temperature there was definitely differences evident on both the palate and the nose. London Ale was a riper more full bodied style lacking the sharp finish of the bitter. Youngs Bitter displayed more citrus notes with a zingy hopped finish.
We moved on to Fullers 1845 at 6.3%. Bottle conditioned and aged for 100 days. This was full of dried fruit, caramel and a slight spiciness with a really smooth long finish. The touch of sweetness in the middle makes it really wintery and an ideal Sunday roast ale.
My favourite of the night was the 4th beer - Well's Banana bread beer 5.2%. On the nose it smells like toasted bread with hints of fresh banana, on the palate it's like cake mix, cloves,
banana and some spice with a dry finish .
Fullers Golden Pride was next. 8.5% and apart from the sweetness this was the only way I could detect the alcohol content. Creamy, surprisingly fresh fruit, ripe apples and pears, big and really smooth.
The last of the night was Youngs double chocolate stout. This is made with real dark chocolate and is one of those beers you'd find difficult to forget. A really complex and interesting palate of coffee, chocolate, malt a little bit of clove with a really dry finish. Creamy and almost like a meal in a bottle. Theres quite alot of tannin evident in this so a great accompaniment to red meat or a chocolate dessert. I was in South-Africa at a friends wedding a couple of years ago and I had a chili chocolate steak in a restaurant. It was a bit like liquid marmite I couldn't decide whether I liked it or thought it was horrendous this was along the same lines of indecisiveness. Definitely one to try though. Especially the serious stout drinkers.
As always it was great having you all here. The stock for our June tasting is en-route so I'll post up dates next week. Again can I stress the need for more female attendance. It's becoming like a gentleman's club without the inappropriate dancers.
Thanks, see you next month.

20 May, 2009

Matt, Marty and the Grappa......

I have these 2 very good Australian friends, they were over for the Australian wine show held in Croke Park last Monday. Although we only met on Monday - a very good indication of friendship is an empty bottle of Grappa, a remote control that doubles as a micro-phone and a rendition of 'Don't let the sun go down on me' at 4.30am on a Tuesday morning..... Thanks for the laughs and hope the Grappa arrives in one piece. Stay in touch and enjoy the blog. Ruthxxx

15 May, 2009

G.F.A - Gluten and Wheat Free

For those of you unfortunate enough to have to avoid almost everything that tastes nice. I have a new gluten and wheat free ale that just arrived today - Nick Stafford Ales G.F.A. It's a fairly reasonable price in comparison to other gluten-free beers- 500ml bottle is €3.79.
Things are looking up even though you still can't have a crisp sandwich!!!
Available in Deveney's of Dundrum.

The May Line-up...........

I was hoping to acquire some exclusive ales for our May tasting but unfortunately they won't land in time for next Thursday.
For some of you this is great news as I'll be hosting 2 English Ale nights over the summer.
Thursday 21st May, the menu consists of :
Youngs, Wells and Fullers.
Four of the six are new to Deveney's.
Hoping that you can all make it.......
See you Thursday between 6.30 and 8pm.
Usual Venue: Deveney's Dundrum.
(The Anti- Recessional get-together)
O&O Ruthxx

13 May, 2009

Flensburger Gold and 'Twilight'.......

Saturday night I left the shop at 10pm with 3 bottles of Flensburger Gold and a bag of popcorn kernels. For the last couple of weeks I've been stopping in to Xtra-Vision wearing my disguise and renting that teenage love story 'Twilight', Saturday we bit the bullet and Louise bought it. Saturday night cold glass of beer in hand, tracksuit, kleenex and popcorn. Best Saturday night in ages.
This pours a golden fresh colour with great carbonation. The nose is Fresh, fruity with some caramel notes. The palate is an appley style of beer with a slightly bitter biscuity finish. Really refreshing and easy drinking after a hard day at the office and a very emotional flick. When finished with the beer this bottle twilight's!!!!!! as a good salad dressing bottle- it has one of those old fashioned flip-top caps...... A tip from Mary Fitzgerald/Ruth Deveney.
Flensburger Gold 330ml €2.29 each, available in Deveney's Dundrum.
O&O Ruthx

12 May, 2009

Joe's Burger and Vedett.

The first time I came across Vedett extra blond was on a date in a famous hamburger joint in Rathmines. Myself and Michael didn't really hit it off but there was a scene from 'Serendipity' experienced between the bacon and brie hamburger and the Vedett extra blond - what a couple!!

I've relived that love I found between a good cold beer and a meat patty many a time since and never been disappointed.

Vedett extra blond is an ideal premium comfort food accompaniment. Fresh clean beer with citrus and biscuit notes, the palate is crisp and zesty with a long finish. Drink really cold with a steak sandwich or homemade burger and a good boxset- better than any date!!!

O&O -1999, B.C campus, Vancouver, Cheese burger challenge winner, Ruth Deveneyxx

In Bruges minus Colin.....

In 2003 the prior of St.Peters Abbey authorized Palm Breweries to brew Steen Brugge to the original recipe enabling this authentic Belgian beer to be readily available and remain traditional in style.
In 1084 Arnold of Tiegem founded St.Peters Abbey. His beers became legend due to their healing powers and he became the Patron Saint of Brewers and Deveney's of Dundrum.
In Bruges the character of each beer was determined by a herbal mixture- Gruut, the brewers were obliged to buy this from the city's herbal house known as the Gruuthuse. This tradition is continued by Steen Brugge.
Steen Brugge Blonde is refreshing like the wheat beer but tasty like the Tripel, Warm round with subtle hop aromas and a lovely fruity perfume €2.79 each.
Steen Brugge Dubbel Bruin, this is a brown beer with a really full bodied rich flavour, alc content 6.5%. €2.79 each.
New to Deveney's Dundrum who are big fans of the brewing monks. O&O Ruth.xx

06 May, 2009

This weeks Special.....

On Special this week in Deveney's is one of the best German Pilsner available.

Its Brewed in Sauerland near Dortmund to the German Purity Law of 1516, using natural spring water from it's own mountain.

The style:A dry and clean palate with a slight bitterness and a light citrus finish. 4.8%

4 x 500ml Bottles €10, €3.29 each.... Great for necking..... Drink responsibly though!!!Rxx

05 May, 2009

May Beer meeting......

I've settled on a date for our May tasting- Thursday 21st. Unfortunately the line-up is proving to be a little more challenging than previous bottle selections. I'm hoping to get my hands on some exclusive English ales and although the idea is to sample some unique styles I don't want to discourage attendees, so there will be some lighter more approachable ales amongst the traditional ones.....
It'll be the usual time 6.30pm-8pm in Deveney's Dundrum. Stick a note in the diary and make your excuses to leave work early..........
I'll keep you posted on the final beer menu a little closer to the date as no doubt I'll change my mind a minimum of 4 times.
Hope you can all make it. Look forward to seeing you all.
O&O Ruthxx

02 May, 2009

Review of Scottish Tasting.....

At our Beer Club meeting a couple of weeks ago this little Scottish Ale was the gold winner, it's not just us that think it though it was CAMRA Champion '04, '05 & '06, SIBA UK Champion '06 & '08 and CAMRA Champion Beer of Scotland '04. Cairngorm Brewery Established in 2001 are situated in Aviemore in the Highlands of Scotland, for a relatively new brewery they have a decent portfolio with awards to match. This is lively citrusy and really fruity, the nose is biscuit and elderflower and the palate smooth really fresh and easy drinking. €3.69
We also tasted Broughtons Organic Angel, a Scottish lager, very light and soft, good 'garden drinkin beer' but quite pricey for just that, €3.99.
Bitter and Twisted by Harviestouns, an old favourite and remains to be. Citrusy, spicey and fresh, quite alot going on in this but still light enough to drink all night without feeling like you won the cheeseburger challenge. €3.89.
Broughtons Old Jock and Harviestouns Old Engine Oil were a different story altogether. Old Jock was big, loaded with dried fruit, caramel and slightly smokey, a little sweet, almost like a fortified wine.
The Old Engine Oil - porter in style, coffee, chocolate, malty and very heavy. Ideal for a stout drinker and I was pleasantly surprised, I liked it!!!
Overall the tasting was a success despite the Macbeth-esq wind and rain. A great turn-out and lovely beers!!!
Looking forward to the May tasting - English Ales.
See you all soon.
O&O Ruthx