19 August, 2013

Craft Beer Deals 19/08/13-26/08/13

We're great at having a few good Craft beer specials a week but what we're not good at, is communicating them!
We'll have a weekly update on our 7 day Craft beer specials, drop into the shop or Bookmark us, we'll have something interesting to boast about...

So, to kick us off, this week
(Monday, 19th August 2013 - Monday 26th August 2013 or while stocks last)
We have...

The original quaffer, Fruh Kolsch on a 4 x 500ml bottles for €10.00.

A strong French Blonde, Bellerose on a 4 x 330ml bottles for €10.00

The ominous Yellow Snow by Rogue (It's a delicious I.P.A not something to avoid sleighing over)
4 x 355ml for €12.00

We'll see you here to avail of the all, one or none of the above 'cause we've another 350 beers to choose from.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing..
Although my favourite is tea,I also like beers.


Chi said...