24 November, 2011

BeerBox 2011 and our new edition...

Yes; it's true...
Back by popular demand ''The Beer Box''

For those that have been doing without; ''The Beer Box'' is our 12 bottle seasonal selection of rare and unusual craft beers from all over the World; a beer snack and Glass; delivered ANYWHERE in Ireland for the nominal fee of €50.00.
Buy on line www.beerbox.ie or pick up the phone 01-2984288

And presenting.....

Our Brand New Beer Gift 2011:
''The Beer Bag''
Our branded beer bag contains 5 rare and unusual seasonal beers;
a beer glass and snack for €20.00 (collection ONLY)

*The selection varies week to week; seasonal beers are available in limited quantity.
Selection contains only Craft Beers
Delivery takes 2 working days within Dublin and 3 working days Nationwide (ROI)*
Order on Line or visit us in Dundrum; we'd love to see you!!

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