21 May, 2011

Macs Great White.

The lack of posting is purely Festival related; new beers are in abundance; time on the other hand is not.
The Mac's range arrived in a week ago - Hop Rocker; Great White; Black Mac and Isaac's Cider along with a fridge full of new gear... I'm sorry for neglecting to inform you all.

Mac's Great White was our Thursday choice.
I've always been an advocate of New Zealand beers. I spent a financially challenged week in a grim hostel in Auckland about 8 years ago. The purpose of my stay was purely Visa related; unfortunately. My bank balance didn't stretch any further than the local bottle shop and an unhealthy obsession with the 'Pokies'; which resulted in a loss far greater than a weeks spend; travelling around the North Island.
I lived on spreadable cheese sandwiches and Speights; Steinlager and Mac's original. The beers were great; the cheez; not so...

This is a beer for the Hoegaarden/ St.Bernardus/ White Hawk lover.
It pours like a cloudy apple juice; lemon coloured white beer.
The nose is really fresh; Jif lemon; Yankee Candle Clean cotton aromas with Vanilla.
The carbonation is lively; far more prominent than any of the beers mentioned as similar. It tastes like a vailla milkshake. Creamy with lemon and citrus flavours. Although the mouthfeel is fat; the flavours are not heavy; it's definitely a beer that you could drink a 6 pack of; easily.
It's a 5% summer salad beer or try it with meaty fish on the barbecue.
Good to see you again Mac's; I'm pretty happy it's under more favourable living conditions though.

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