29 April, 2011

Gardener's Tipple by Hog's Back Brewery.

The new Surrey Brewery in our ever growing U.K section is Hog's Back.
They make a range of Ales and Blondes of which I took 2.
The Gardener's Tipple and Tea.
The Gardener's Tipple is the beer on tasting this evening. We chose it because it's a day that I'd romantically envision myself  doing my garden. In reality though; even if I was off enjoying the summer spurt; I definitely wouldn't be spending it with a secateurs... I don't even know what they look like and if you saw my garden you'd understand why.
The beer isn't as great as the weather; unfortunately.
The label is quite retro in a Southern- English- Mid- Summer -Murders kinda way.
It's an amber ale; nice head and lively effervescence in the glass.
The nose is promising. I get banana; Honey and herbal notes. Eoin reckons it has a spiciness; I don't detect this but he doesn't get banana so we could be both wrong.
The palate isn't awful but slightly disappointing and a little boring. It has a heavy mouth-feel but it's light on flavours. I can't find any honey or fruit; it's quite herbal and grassy with high acidity and malt on the finish.
It's refreshing but so is Cadet orange; on a sunny day... That comparison says it all.
Fingers crossed for the Tea Varietal; I'll keep you posted.
Enjoy the sunshine;

21 April, 2011

Raging Bitch by Flying Dog.

Raging Bitch!!!...
I find it pretty difficult to write those 2 words; knowing the end result is the ''publish me'' button.
Admittedly my initial purchasing decision was down to 2 things; 1) previous beers tasted by this brewery and; 2) (far less professional) The name sealed the order deal.
I currently have 3 other; relatively expensive Belgian style American beers in stock; as a result of this; Tom questioned whether we needed to stock another?... Valid point. Although; in true Ruth Deveney style; I didn't admit it. I was thinking; I'm going to have to push this on newly separated men or Wiley hen party participants; on namesake alone; if it's not a beer I'd happily endorse.
I'm writing about it whilst drinking it.
This is an official I-doubted-you-apology; to the great people at Flying Dog. It's amazing.
It pours like a golden-amber ale with a pinkish hue.
The nose is so impressive. Peach; banana with some grassy notes; fresh lime skin and some mint. I could go on but I'll let you experience it yourselves.
The palate is heavily hopped with citrus and banana flavours and finishing with pink grapefruit and pine. The background is slightly sweet which balances the sharpness of the hop.
This ''Raging Bitch'' is a keeper!!

Happy Easter;