10 July, 2014

Rubaeus by Founders

I'm just going to say it... I hate football.

I'm sure there's a lot of women out there that know who qualified to partake in the 2014 World Cup but me, I just about know that the host country is Brasil  and in truth, there was still enough of a Google doubt to yes, do the unthinkable...!

So, in the interest of attempting to strike a little hormonal balance (30 odd days of progesterone overload) , Founders have launched Rubaeus, Pure raspberry ale and this bi-gender beer could keep me from talking through penalties, asking what colour Jersey Ireland are wearing and accidentally(!) knocking off the series link to the highlights.

Buy this!!!

In the glass, raspberry, pink and red hues with a think off pink head.
The nose, freshly picked raspberry with that fresh raspberry acidity that makes your mouth water, at this point I knew how great it was going to be...
Then the palate, Jeez! Fresh raspberry and clean hops with a raspberry flavour that coats your mouth like a syrup and the flavour goes on and on. Yes it's off dry but the acidity balances any potential opportunity for clawing sweetness and gives it a lift of freshness that's sometimes missing from other fruit beers.

So climb out of that closet, the days of judging are over, buy a Rubaeus, admit to that guilty pleasure and who knows. maybe we could give up on the football dream and try our hand at cross stitch or netball.

In stock now, hurry up and get some.

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