30 March, 2009

Augustiner summer stock arrived...........

The clocks went forward this weekend and our new summer stock of Augustiner landed, It's time to take the parasol and the paddling pool outta the attic, wear your shorts and t-shirts over your thermals and dig out those Wimbeldon tennis balls - Summer has arrived!!!
Discount for case purchases, Augustiner range all €3.39 ea........O&O Ruth.

25 March, 2009

Aspall's Cyder

When I did my research on this I realised that it actually wasn't a typo and that Cyder represented one of the 2 styles available in this alcoholic lemonade. This is the French style produced in English Cider country - Suffolk. We had Sampled and attempted to sell a similar style in Ireland a few years back- 5 free tastings later with no sales and 12 out of date bottles, needless to say it wasn't a pint of Bulmers!!! I've now realised that the Irish palate was not ready for this incredibly sophisticated and elegant sparkling alcoholic pressed apple - stuff!! I don't want to call it juice because for me this conjures thoughts of tetra cartons & capri-suns and this is so much more.
This style of Cyder reminds me of a good sparkling wine. Its dry on the finish with quite high acidity and a really full bodied apple and sherbet palate, it comes in 2 other styles draught and organic. All absolutely AMAZING!!!
This is actually not new to me and we have stocked it for a while but I urge all those who vowed to avoid Cider after that episode in '96 by the Dodder with a bag of Strongbow, to reassess their negativity and join the Yes to cyder ( with a 'y') in Deveney's Dundrum......
I want to see some solidarity for the good stuff - Aspalls Dry premier cru. Its really good with roast pork.
The Aspall range all €4.99 @ Deveney's Dundrum

TradeWinds by Cairngorm

Although I sell Beer from almost every country in the World Scottish Ales have always been very popular here in Dundrum.
We've got a few new ones, Ale winners like they're pals Harviestouns, Innis & Gunn and Broughtons which are also available in Deveney's. The Cairngorm Brewery in Inverness are making some really special stuff. Trade Winds won Champion speciality beer of Britain '04, '05 &'06 and this is the most interesting of the trio.
It's a light golden colour, a tropical fruit nose with hints of elderflower and the palate is really refreshing and crisp with loads of fruit and floral character on the finish.
At a responsible 4.3%, this is an ideal Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday beer. Especially as they've won all those awards - almost as cultured as a night at the theatre!!
Trade Winds @ €3.69
Sheepshaggers gold @ €3.69
Wildcat @ €3.69
Lovely beers, Ruth.

23 March, 2009

Photos from Friday

Just a couple of snaps from Friday night.....
Thanks Lisa from 'What we eat' BLOG. A good pal and a really good photographer!!!
Thanks Lisa-Loo.

Belgian Beer Tasted

This photo here is not Dundrum main st. but if I had had the sense to snap you all from outside this is almost what we'd looked like last Friday. All those who didn't attend are now acutely aware of what they missed and I am sure will be joining this orderly queue for next month..........

Delighted to see you all. As I mentioned in my last post, a little unprepared for the masses but we pulled together and thanks for not complaining!!!

The Tasting started with a Vedett, extra white. This comes in at a modest 4.7%. The majority felt that it was too light and boring but being honest I really liked it!!. It had a bready malty nose with a hint of fresh citrus fruit. The palate was crisp and zesty with a slightly bitter and dry finish. I love Beers that remind me of the summer or at least force optimism, this for me did both. I obviously like boring and bland!!!

We went from there to the most popular Belgian of the evening. Barbar honey ale 8%.
I bought this beer on request for a very dedicated beer fanatic. He'd been on holidays and came across it. Apparently, lets just refer to him as K, was contemplating emigrating for this unusual brew. Obviously we couldn't let that happen so it joined the Belgian beer shelf in Dundrum.
It has a malty, yeasty nose with hints of really fresh wild honey. On the palate, although dry, its loaded with honey and white sugar with an orange peel finish. It comes in at almost the same strength as a bottle of Blue Nun but this is really drinkable and not a good alternative to windowlene!!!
I love it!!!

The Goulden Carolus Hopsinjoor I found way too hardcore. The nose was biscuity and spicy but the palate was like runnin' around St.James Gate with your mouth open, Not my thing!! Hoppy, spicy with a little bit of fruit and a really sour-dough finish. No thanks;)......
Hoegaarden, Forbidden fruit. This came a very close 2nd in the popularity stakes with the serious beer boys. A malty Fruity nose, a very full bodied palate, spice- coriander and citrus rind with some residual sugar on the palate, Interesting, I won't have a pint thanks.
Chimay blue, The old favourite!!! Comes in at a stiff 9%.This is like drinking my nana's prune juice, maybe a bit nicer actually. A candy sweetness initially, loads of spice- christmas spice cloves and cinnamon and dried fruit- raisins and prunes. The high alcohol is not at all evident but this splits Belgian beers into some different category its almost like a tonic.
Chapeau Kriek Lambic, 3.5%. This was the token Belgian for those a little inexperienced and not trained by the Trappist monks, ie: myself. What I love about these beers is the method in which they are made. Lambics are completely natural, the brewers encourage spontaneous fermentation which I always think is really evident in the taste. The nose is all maraschino cherry with a slight hoppiness. On the palate its sour cherry and really ripe cherry then ending in a syrupiness and just when you think its all over there's a slight tartness on the finish. My lovely sister bought us 4 bottles - this says it all. An adult Bacardi Breezer with a foreign sophistication in the name and a Champagne cork. We polished them off on Friday night with a large piece Saint Agur and some Johnathan Ross, easy drinking and easy watching.
Again thanks for coming. I think we need bar stools for the next one though!!!
The photos are to follow ;)
Ruth D.

21 March, 2009

Thanks for the turn-out......

Thanks to you all for making such an effort to visit us last night.....

Apologies for my disorganised behaviour, I honestly wasn't expecting such a turn-out.

I had under estimated 1] You're dedicated following to beer &
2] You're dedicated following to free beer!!

The tasting notes and all those incriminating photos will be posted up after the weekend, I did destroy the one of Simon and that bottle of chimay, unfortunately I was legally obliged!!

All those who didn't make it, we'd love to see you next month.
I will be moving the event to a Thursday night because the crowds in the shop are dissuading the wine customers, who seem to be a much more civilised crew......

Keep up with the blog

19 March, 2009

Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate stout

This American Winter Brew didn't arrive in time for our last tasting, so I took the liberty of tasting it for you. Being a girl, not to generalise, I'm a huge fan of shoes/summer dresses/grazia magazine & 'come dine with me' omnibus on a Sunday but top of this list is Chocolate...
The task of tasting Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout was not impossible.
This Full bodied limited bottling Stout has a Malty palate laced with Black Chocolate, hints of Vanilla and mocha. A Dry creamy finish and really really good.
Try it with a chocolate dessert or if we get a bout of snow again, a beef stew.
This could definitely be one of the only reasons to love the winter, especially at 10% alc.......
Available in Dundrum @ €3.49 bt..... Love it, R.

American soda.

Just received 2 cases of American Soda from the great Chicago Brewing co. Goose Island.
Old Skool twist cap bottles, in 2 flavours, Root beer and Orange cream. I'd love to like the taste of root beer, I unfortunately have this mental block and seem to associate it with germolene/Sr. Barry/sickbay & TCP, we won't get into it.
Both retail at €1.79 each. Not a bad alternative to beer after the saturation of Patrick's weekend.
Hope to see you all Friday. R.

12 March, 2009

We Recommend...

Last year I was at a tasting in town and came across these 750ml bottles by Carlsberg, called Jacobsen. When I asked if we could stock it, I was told it was available for the restaurant trade only.

So twelve months later I receive 4 cases of this very interesting, very large bottles! Its apparently for sharing!! So we had to open a bottle and try it - Jacobsen brown ale!

Nose: A malty, fruity, grape-like aroma
Colour: Deep brown but clear, no sediment.
Palate: A light airy head, soft palate with a bitter chocolate finish.

Interesting and nice to try, but at €6.99 not sure if I'd do it again though...

See you soon,


11 March, 2009

Belgian Beer tasting, March 20th

Hi all!
Just a general reminder that our next Beer Club Tasting is March 20th.

Venue: Deveney's Dundrum
Time: from 6.30pm
Theme: Fabulous Belgians Beers!!

We got our hands on some new editions to our Belgian Shelf and thought what better way to welcome them!!! 

We'll have some of the 'Lovely oldies' - Forbidden Fruit
Some of the 'Haven't tasted in ages' - Vedett Extra White
Some of the 'Wish I'd had my dinner' - Chimay Blue 9%
Some of the 'I've never seen you before!!!!!' 
And then some...

Exciting stuff,
Looking forward to seeing you all here,

See you soon!