23 September, 2013

The Dublin Wine & Fizz Fest 2013.

For 5 years we've been bringing you ''The Secret 'BEER' Garden''. We run this event to showcase the best
'Craft' beers available on the market, this event supports us, the independent specialist and the small importer and producer, who keep the drinks industry in Ireland, fresh and exciting...

So, we thought, what if we applied this theory to wine? What if we could show you, the consumer, some of the best wines available and give you the opportunity to try them, without investing in a bottle?
On this concept, ''The Dublin Wine and Fizz Fest'' was born.

Deveney's of Dundrum presents, 
The Dublin Wine and Fizz Fest 2013.
A 2 day festival supporting all the greatest wines, Champagnes, Sherries, Ports, Fortifieds, Proseccos and the list goes on...

Saturday, October 19th 2013. 2pm - 9pm.
Sunday, October 20th 2013. 2pm - 8pm.

We've teamed wines with food and music to bring you the best consumer wine event, of the year!

Tickets are available through the event website:

Ticket price:
- €15.00 per person, per day.
Includes a Riedel glass worth €10.00 on arrival (you get to bring this home!) http://www.riedel.com/
- €25.00 per couple, per day.
Includes a free Riedel glass on arrival per person, worth €10.00 (you also get to bring this home) http://www.riedel.com/

Don't miss out on the opportunity to taste 100's of the greatest wines, meet the superstars of the wine world and be part of the wine event of the year!!

We want to hear from you, visit us @

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Hope to see you all there!

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Unknown said...

I missed another great event. I should have read your article a bit earlier. Will be looking forward for this years wine fest