20 March, 2010

Baltika 8 Special.

Just in time for the match today......
Today's special, Baltika 8, Wheat, €1.49 500ml Bottle.
Available until stocks last.
Also on special this week
Harviestouns Old Engine Oil €1.99
Schneider Hopfen Weisse €1.99
Svyturys Baltas Wheat €1.99
Just because we're feeling a little strapped after Patrick's Day doesn't mean we have to revert back to Dutch Gold.

16 March, 2010

Kasteel Cru Rose

I was a little dubious about this beer when they launched it a couple of years ago. As a wine drinker myself, I was the target market on all levels - price, aesthetics, product placement and production method. This is a beer brewed with Champagne yeast from the Alsace region in France. Personally, my expectations were high and I was seriously disappointed as a result. I found this kinda boring... Crisp and dry with some floral notes and way too carbonated. I felt it didn't warrant €2.99. Molston Coors own the brand and have recently set up shop here in Ireland. The product has fallen hugely in price thus making it affordable and have also released Kasteel Cru Rose.

I opened this last night and was really impressed with the quality and style.

This is like a Cremant or Sparkling wine from France. Dry, Biscuity palate with some subtle summer fruits - tinned Strawberries. Crisp, clean citrus finish. Really elegant and a great aperitif or just good for lowering (responsibly!!). Novel, interesting but not gimmicky. A really good beer and available in Deveney's now for €2.29 bottle.

I reckon and I'll be slated for saying this but it's a great alternative to Prosecco for a fraction of the price. A different style but variety and all that!!

Kasteel Cru Rose and White €2.29 Bottle.


Blue Moon

I love this American Craft Beer. Brewed in Denver, Colorado with oats, thus explaining the soft creaminess and heavy palate. This is brewed with orange peel and coriander, apparently. I can't detect coriander thankfully, as it's not a favourite of mine but the orange is prominent, fresh and juicy, not the dried sour acidic peel style. There is definitely some spice on the finish - clove, I think.
Really good American White Beer. at €1.99 Bottle.
Not just for girls though, David loved it!!!!

12 March, 2010

Old Engine Oil Special.

Harviestoun, Old Engine Oil is on Special this weekend.

Really smooth dark beer. Chocolate, malt and coffee flavours. 6% alc, hailing from the award winning Scottish Brewery.

Special price, €1.99 bt, available in Deveney's of Dundrum until stocks last.


11 March, 2010

''Prison Love'' at our 2nd Festival.

When we began planning the 2nd Deveney's Beer Festival these guys were top of my list. The idea of a Bluegrass band to accompany an eclectic range of Bottled Beers from around the World seemed to marry in my mind. I had heard rumours of their talent and when I stumbled upon them on My Space, I made the decision that we couldn't have a festival without them.

They said 'Yes'!!, I'm very excited and I think, after listening to this we'll be on the same page!!. When you've reviewed your finances and that summer holiday seems in affordable, the summer seems long, the weather seems 'Irish'. We're gonna provide the best Bottled Beer Knees-up. In celebration of the Pagan Festival Lughnasadh and everything that makes Dublin so fabulous. Tickets will go on sale within the next few weeks and I give you my word that this will be an event not to miss.

The POD Complex, 20-08-2010. Deveney's of Dundrum, Lughnasadh Beer Festival.


10 March, 2010

March 2010 Svytury Special

After the sell-out success of the Schneider deal last week I've had to come up with a 2nd offer for the month. Svytury's Wheat Baltas was one of the most popular bottles at the Deveney's Beer Festival, so to celebrate this......
Svytury's Wheat Baltas is €1.99, 500ml Bot.
Till stocks last.
Don't leave it too long,

06 March, 2010

March 2010 synopsis

March Tasting was by far the best to date despite suffering from disorganised syndrome and a laptop malfunction on Thursday. The tasting notes had to be hand written and copied and my well of plastic tasting cups had dried up unknownst to me until attendees arrived.

The surprise (even to me!) line-up was really successful and we got into some of my new and exclusive beer gear. Resulting in an empty fridge.

Brooklyn summer ale (U.S) was first up. I threw this in due to associated sunshine more than exciting and unusual. I have consumed and sold this on previous years but never remember it being this good. When you consider that it's the same price as a basic Mexican Cerveza, this is good beer at a good price. The nose is citrus, slightly candied with subtle hop aromas. The palate is clean, crisp with a touch of residual sugar, lemon and bready flavours with some balanced hop - all well integrated. Next on the list was Headless Dog (IRE), winner of Best Beer at ''Deveney's of Dundrum, The Beer Festival''. I really love this brew. I think it's quite a feminine beer despite the male following. The nose is really aromatic - grapefruit, elderflower and citrus with some hop evident. The palate is clean, zesty, thirst quenching with floral and fruit flavours. This is a serious crowd pleasing beer. I also love that it's Irish. I pulled out Augustiner Edelstoff (GER) as number 3. My reasoning behind this is due to it's popularity and scarcity, we never seem to have it in the fridge for too long. I had my one- of- four deliveries from these guys the previous day so it's about as fresh as we'll ever get it on the Irish market. I'm also a massive fan!! The nose is grassy, slightly vegetal with lemon and hop aromas. The palate is nicely carbonated, floral, hop and a cake mix finish. It's a deceptive beer in the mouth, initially feels light and lager-ish but the weight is all on the finish. Schlenkerla Helles Lagerbier was the pull factor for the evening. My allocation was 20 bottles - I have since managed to squeeze an additional 20 bts out of my specialist supplier, reluctantly. This is very rare - 10c/s available in Ireland. Made by the smoked beer guys in Bamburg. This is not a smoked beer but has taken on some smoked characteristics, subtly. The nose is fresh citrus fruit with a faint smokiness hiding in the wings. The palate is medium bodied, nicely carbonated, zesty with this unusual savoury finish - smoked bacon in my opinion, I have heard Kippers, frankfurters and my good friend Karl reckons Smiths Bacon Fries. Everyone to their own!! We went from there to Hoffbrau Munchner (HB) Weisse. I'd forgotten about this staple German. Really good and far better that I remember. The nose is ripe banana, wheat, malt and another sweet fruit, couldn't pin it though. The palate is medium bodied, no chalky residue, really creamy but not stodgy, banana with some malt evident. Delicious, definitely for the old reliable list. Lastly, we went again for a Beer festival favourite. Ireland's own Clotworthy Dobbin. This has an incredibly impressive nose. Not far off a beer styled Amarone. Black chocolate, coffee bean, caramel and raisin fruit. The nose gives way to a lighter palate. I do find this slightly disappointing but it makes sense for consumption purposes. Sweet fruit flavours with a savoury maltiness and some masculine hops - not a flower in sight. Quite light on the mouth feel. I can totally understand, although not really my bag, why it was a serious contender for best beer.

All in all, really interesting, a fabulous turn-out from all over Dublin, which I greatly appreciate. It makes writing this blog worthwhile. Female participation is lacking slightly but I'm working on it!!!

Thanks to everyone,

Hope to see you all soon,


04 March, 2010

Little Valley, Giner Pale Ale.

A night on my own in number 66 is a rarity so, Tuesday I executed some secret single behaviour in the form of ''10 Thing's I hate about you'' (bad Heath Ledger Chick Flick), a bacon sandwich and a bottle of Little Valley Brewery, Ginger Pale Ale. This is unlike any alcoholic ginger flavoured beers we've done before. Hailing from West Yorkshire, suitable for Vegans, CAMRA certified and a reasonable alcohol content for a Tuesday - 4%. I like this.....

It pours a deep golden honey colour. The nose is really interesting and delicious - spice, ginger, fresh honey and citrus fruit.I expected a mouth-full of McVities Jamaica Cake, I was totally off though. Dry, crisp, slightly yeasty with flavour of root ginger and lemon zest. Really refreshing. I think I've found a new accompaniment to Asian food. Amazing with duck and orange sauce or experiment with summer shandies - this year it's all about kitsch also known as money saving.

Will be available in Deveney's of Dundrum late next week.


03 March, 2010

Aecht Schlenkerla range.

The Brother and Sister of the very famous smoked beer from Bamberg arrived this morning.
All 3 available in Deveney's as of today.
Helles Lagerbier(new)
I've a bit of tasting homework to do tonight and the Lager and Bock are top of my list.
Post my verdict tomorrow,

Schneider Brooklyner Special

I think this could possibly be the best deal to date!!
Schneider & Brooklyner Hopfen Weisse
€1.99 500ml Bottle.
Save €2.30 bt
Available as of today, until stocks last.
See previous post for tasting notes.
This is an old favourite,