19 January, 2012

Brooklyn Winter Ale 2012.

Brooklyn Winter Ale has arrived in Deveney's; albeit at the tail end of the winter beer flurry but like all of Brooklyn's seasonal's; it's well worth the experiment; especially for the €2.59 price tag.
This pours an amber colour; veering on a brown ale with some reddish tones. It has a nice thin creamy head.
It smells quite soapy; almost like talcum powder with a creaminess and some orangey notes.
Thankfully though; there's no Johnson's baby talc evident on the palate; there's some nice fruit but this gives way to a slightly meaty; savoury flavour not unlike Pennant ale. The carbonation is lively and it leaves a nice prickly sensation on the tongue which results in a really refreshing beverage experience; this almost flies in the face of everything that reminds me of a winter beer... It's good though; really good.

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