30 September, 2010

Avalanche, Fyne Ales

Adam has been harping on about this new Brewery since last Christmas and finally 9 months later it's here and pretty good. I like a beer that I can consume easily whilst watching X-factor repeats.
I am a massive fan of Headless Dog, Bitter and Twisted and when available Tradewinds by Cairngorm.
Fyne Ales, Avalanche is taste related to all of the above.
It pours, as you can see, a lemon and honey colour with a thin white head. It's one of those beers that's is brewed to look really good in a glass, It reminds me of an old Foster's adds where theirs a handsome rugged Aussie man wearing very little, a smoking barbecue and a glass of cold lager complete with condensation. Only we're minus the handsome rugged Australian, the shrimps but thankfully the beer is far better than Foster's lager.
It smells like grapefruit and lemon with elderflower, not the cordial type but quite like St Germain elderflower liqueur. The mouth-feel is only slightly carbonated, very lemony with floral flavours and a very dry and biscuity finish.
Fyne Ales is a family owned Scottish Brewery. The beer is brewed very close to Loch Fyne and was set up in 2001. You can find these guys in Argyll, Scotland and they kindly advertise brewery tours by appointment on their labels... A weekend in Scotland anyone???
All 3 varieties available in Deveney's - Maverick, Piper's Gold and Avalanche.

29 September, 2010

Clear-out Special for Sept/Oct

Clear-out Specials  

-Sierra Nevada Kellerweis
American wheat beer, flavours of  banana and clove, creamy palate, soft finish.  Special price €2.40 each

-Svyturys Nefiltruotas Raw
Lithuanian wheat beer. Flavours of fruit, creamy heavy palate with a yeasty, doughy finish 
Special price €1.99

- Erdinger Oktoberfest 2x500ml €5.00
- St.Peters Cream Stout €3.49 each
- Grolsch weizen 4x500ml €9.99
- Grolsch swing top 3 bots €7.00
and more to follow...

26 September, 2010

Meantime Raspberry.

 I have been looking at this beer for 3 weeks now. I love the Meantime Pale Ale and although raspberry yoghurt's are always my first choice, I'm just not a fan of raspberry alcohol. I have since put my negativity down to a bad experience with 4 bottles of Bacardi Breezer raspberry before ''Deep'' in the Stillorgan Park Hotel- In my minor years and I'll leave it at that!
This is a grand cru wheat ale. It looks beautiful in the glass, a deep raspberry colour with a thin white head. The raspberries are added before the secondary fermentation so unlike some other fruit beers, it's not synthetically flavoured. This is evident on both the nose and the palate.
It smells a little like a raspberry petit filous and I do love them! Strong fresh raspberry notes with some milky characteristics. The palate is both dry and sweet if this makes any sense, the finish is dry but the palate has elements of natural sugar and tannin. It's really refreshing and zingy.
Could I drink alot of it? No, I could though add a drop to the bottom of a glass of Prosecco and consume vast quantities. It's nicely carbonated so you could add it to a frizzante and make a relatively inexpensive Prosecco cocktail.
Drink it with chocolate desserts or as an aperitif, just don't drink 4 of them before an underage disco and then attempt the running man - not pretty!!!

23 September, 2010

5 Barrel Pale Ale.

It's Arthur Guinness day and despite the festivities taking place everywhere outside the Dundrum realm myself and Eoin Deveney are too celebrating the great brewing concept. We have made a conscious decision to ditch the black stuff and explore our American heritage in the way of the Odell Brewing Company, Fort Collins, Colorado.
5 Barrel Pale Ale graced our refrigeration unit no more than 5 weeks ago but due to other work commitments (a.k.a other drinks consumed) I had neglected to get tasting.

The 5Barrel Pale Ale pours a toffee, amber coloured ale. Looks like something you'd get a spoon to and shovel over ice-cream. It has this delicious redcurrant, raisin and sweet creamy pudding nose. It smells like it's going to be sweet and something I'd have with my mum's bread and butter pudding. NO! The second I go to take a slug I get a mouth full of a florist shop on Valentines day. Not unpleasant though, Cherry fruit mixed in there with a dry and hopped finish.
Eoin, who generally isn't a pale ale fan, is almost pleasantly surprised. Quote, unquote - ''I would buy a few bots but it's not my fav!!' - I actually prompted the fav abbreviation. He's way cooler than that, unlike his sister!!!
I have the St.Lupulin, Extra Pale Ale in stock also, will get blogging on that but may leave it until after 10pm - looks a little unprofessional.