27 November, 2009

Samichlaus Bier/ Santa Claus Beer

Just received my delivery of Samichlaus Bier also known as 'Santa Claus Beer'. This is one of the rarest beers in the world and the strongest, as an added bonus. Brewed once a year on December 6th and aged for 10 months before bottling. It's a massive 14% alcohol and I have it in an equally massive size, 3 litre bottle. For those of you that would find the Jeroboam a little daunting I also have a couple of cases of 330ml bottles, €4.99 each.
Winter beers to arrive next week and not a Christmas decoration unearthed from last year......

December Sierra Special.

I've organised a series of really good beer specials throughout the month of December. This is the first of 4.

Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale:

4 x 330ml bts €10/ €3.59 each.


23 November, 2009

Sierra Nevada Wet hop harvest 2009.

Stock of this is due in this evening and definitely warrants a trip to Dundrum. Wally dropped me in a sample last Saturday and we cracked it open during X-factor.
This is a really good winter beer. The nose is mocha and chocolate notes with some stewed fruit. The palate is similar to the nose with some nice spice and a balanced hop finish. This is a big beer in a big bottle - 24 fl oz. In true American style it's a super-sized brew.
Limited availability, 24 bts delivered to Deveney's Dundrum and make your move pretty quick cause we've a house of fans in Nutgrove.

14 November, 2009

Goose Island 312 and Harvest Ale.

After serious deliberation about last nights activities, I ended up in The Bull and Castle for a beer instead of 'Springbreak' in the Harcourt Hotel or a boat party on the quays. I'm a massive fan of this pub, not just because of the vast array of interesting beverages but the unpretentious clientele and the general atmosphere of normal people drinking good beers. I had a cold bottle of Goose Island I.P.A- yes, I was playing it safe but as I had my car waiting outside to be driven home, there's definite comfort in familiarity.
Beer drained and the 4 of us headed back to Nutgrove. I had a couple of new beers in the fridge and a score card.
Goose Island 312: From previous posts you're aware of my fondness of a good American hefe, especially when it stems from Sierra Nevada/ Flying dog/ Goose Island. This I was disappointed in, the nose was wheat beer-esk, slightly spicy with some notes of banana, more under ripe green banana then blackened, destined for banana sandwich, banana. The palate had loads of weight and a slight creaminess but very little else going on.
Goose Island Harvest Ale was worth coming home for though. This actually looks like Autumn in a glass - Amber, golden with a brown hue. The nose has loads of ripe winter fruit - almost stewed fruit with hints of clove. The palate is big, round fruit, ripe apple and plum with a nice balanced carbonation, slightly sweet finish.
Justin loves the Hophead by Porterhouse. Very floral with a fresh hop palate and a citrus finish. I like this but a little too hardcore for me, I always assist him on consumption purely to remind myself that it's not my bag and that I'm happy with my own choice, I can hear you all simultaneously saying 'ANNOYING'. Louise had a Hopfen Weisse by Schneider/ Brooklyner, I've posted on this before. This is the kind of beer that you spend your last fiver on. Value for money and a bottle like Mary Poppins carpet bag, endless, just the way we like it!!
I have my 10year school reunion this evening. I'm pretty sure that I can't get a bottle of Goose Island in 'Krystal', I'd also rather spend my Saturday night in an abattoir than that particular venue!!!
Fill you in on the abc next week,

13 November, 2009

The Beer Festival 2010

Massive Massive News!!!!!!!! February 2nd 2010

Deveney's of Dundrum are putting on a beer festival in the Bull and Castle in aid of Focus Ireland.

Ticket sales will be through the month of December but theres limited spaces available.
Tickets are €20 each allowing you access to the beer hall and 10 tasting Dollars.
Extra Dollars are available to purchase on the night for €1 each.
There will be more than 80 beers available to taste at the event with some guest speakers and some of the best beer specialists to talk you through the line-up.
Tickets for this event will not be sold on the night.
Tickets to go on sale the first week of December, first come, first served basis but I'm giving my beer club a heads-up. All those who want tickets email me before advertising starts. Can't guarantee availability otherwise.
It's going to be a great night with loads of interesting gear to try.
If you're interested get in touch,
Hope you're as incredibly excited about having something decent to look forward to in February as I am.

11 November, 2009

Pinkus and Brunehaut in November.

Last Thursday was our November beer club. We tasted the new German Pinkus range and the New Belgian Brunehaut trio.

The top 2 were the Pinkus Special - a pale bronze lager with nice hop and fruit aromas, ripe pears, toasted malt and some floral notes. The palate, big, juicy ripe fruit and a slightly bitter hop finish.€2.99 bt

The other was the Brunehaut Amber - Amber, surprisingly enough, in colour. The nose is creamy caramel and butterscotch notes. The palate is a combination of vanilla, ripe fruit and some hop on the finish.€3.49 bt.

I'll just give you all a brief synopsis of the 4 others. Pinkus Pils -Typical pilsner style, gentle hop aromas with a firm malt body and a crisp light bitter finish.€2.99 bt

Pinkus muller-hefe, quite an unusual style of German wheat beer. The nose is quite traditional, cloves, banana but the palate is very floral and heavily hopped. Not unlike the Hopfen Weisse by Schneider. slightly acidic finish.

Brunehaut Wit has a Belgian wheat beer nose, citrus, slightly candied. The palate is much chalkier than other Belgian whites. Dry and lacking the typical orange peel and lemon characteristics that I love.

Brunehaut Blonde was a little disappointing for a Belgian blonde. The nose had some element of spice and yeast but the palate was a little too light, slightly yeasty with an earthy finish... Not unpleasant just a little insignificant.

I'm unsure of a theme for next month but something festive that works well with a turkey and ham sandwich in view of Stephen's day. Keep you all posted.