23 April, 2015

Siberia by The Ilkley Brewery.

My parents had a bedroom at the end of their house, nicknamed Siberia.
This was, for many years, where I resided.
Long after I have moved out of home, I continue to spend a lot of time in Siberia, not literally but metaphorically it just seemed to stick...

Siberia, unlike my general status, is a quite delicious rhubarb Saison from Yorkshire.
By definition, a Saison is a broadly defined P.A, by this I mean pale ale, not pain in the a*$
It's generally a beer around 7% and by this I mean ABV, not sense.
It's Highly carbonated with fruity and spicy characteristics and I'm all of the above!

Siberia seemed to be an apt beer to taste today 'cause, I yet again find myself residing in the metaphorical Siberia, with no ride home and no fur coat... However, this liquid version is far more pleasant.

So, for all those that find themselves relating to this post, buy a bottle of Siberia instead of living in it.

It's a golden Ale, thin white head  with a nice spritely carbonation.

It has a sweet fruit nose, slightly perfumed with fresh peaches and stoned fruits.

The palate has a lovely subtle sweetness with tangy residual rhubarb flavours and a kind of lavender finish.

FAR more appealing than the icy bedroom or that commonly experienced freezing cold shoulder.

It's available alongside the Mary-Jane IPA in Deveney's of Dundrum, both by the Ilkley Brewery, Yorkshire.

See you in Siberia,

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