28 January, 2011

Erdinger Urweisse

Erdinger Urweisse landed yesterday.

Apart from the really old- skool retro label͵ it was the chunky cardboard- like sediment that got my attention͵ floating in the base of the bottle. It kind of resembled a snow globe. Anything that has the confidence to look kind of gross and claim to taste delicious enough to export͵ we had to try.
It pours the colour and cloudiness of a village cider. Nectar with a speckled white͵ heavy murkiness.
The nose is phenomenal͵ it has all the characteristics that are associated with a good German weisse - ripe banana- sandwich- banana and spice but apart from the usual͵there's vanilla pod͵ cream and a smoky maltiness in there too. 
The flavours were a little less forward than the nose but nevertheless I loved͵ Eoin wasn't so sold.  The mouth-feel reminds me of a double cream. It has almost like a banana malted milkshake palate and some clove and black peppercorn in the background.
As for the floating cardboard͵ disappointingly I didn't detect it.
For all the Weisse fans͵ most definitely try it!!!

27 January, 2011

February 2011 Tasting.

This scheduled in-store tasting is LONG overdue.
I've settled on Thursday 10th February.
Usual drill...
Venue: Deveney's of Dundrum
Date: February 10th 2011.
Time: 6.30pm -  8pm
Line-up: German gear: 6-8 bottled varieties.
( registration not necessary )
Hope to see y'all here.

13 January, 2011

Delirium Nocturnum - definitely.

I'm a firm believer in ''if you can't afford it͵ don't fake it''. I've never been an advocate of counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbags nor am I in a position to afford a real one but despite this having the look of a ceramic bottle and disappointingly only painted. We've decided not to hold it against the overall package - This is a beer worth purchasing͵ a couple of times.
It pours a murky brow colour with a frothy cream head.
The nose is beautiful - can I use that adjective?͵ it deserves it!!! Both myself and Karl on the scooter agree on Vanilla essence͵ banana͵ bubblegum and malt.
The palate has this lovely carbonation͵ a good fine sparkle͵ something similar to a Frizzante fizz.
The palate displays malt and ripe fruit flavours with this delicious balanced sweetness and a Ryvita/ malt finish.
You may ask͵ ''What's the deal with the pink elephant?''. This is a euphemism for drunken hallucination. The astute John London diagnosed us all͵ for the first time in the early 1900's and we can  raise a glass with thanks- we're not mad͵ just having a good time crazy!!!
Available in Deveney's of Dundrum.

12 January, 2011

Williams Deal - January 2011.

I've never been the sort to use January as a means of detox.
January is by far the most depressing and uneventful month of the year͵ hence the need to consume quantities of good alcohol. I am not͵ by any means suggesting vast quantities but a liquid sedative in the disguise of a good bottle of beer͵ a nice short of whiskey or a glass of decent wine is necessity.
The other common problem with consumption at this time of the year is the dreaded 'C' word (cash-flow)
Cue - Deveney's of Dundrum........
To get us through the next couple of months͵ I will have a series of  deals to get you off the couch ͵ doing a bit of exercise and making your way to Deveney's of Dundrum...
Kicking us off...
Williams Brewery will all be available on a mix 4 bottles͵ for a mere €10.
The range currently consists of  9 varieties͵ all displayed in photo attached and all available in Dundrum.
Let's start this January revolution!!

06 January, 2011

Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale.

I just experienced one of those rare days that everything plays out like an Enid Blyton book with a helping hand from ''Jim'll Fix It''...
I love days like today!!!- hassle-less͵effort-less and fruitful.
Posting on a beer seemed like a good next step.
Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale was this evenings choice.
I have consumed the 90 minute͵60 minute͵ Raison d'être and Palo Santo from these guys. India Brown was the last on my list.
It pours as described͵ a very dark brown ale.
The nose is really appealing. It smells like Horlicks and Maltesers with some bitter coffee in there and Easter-egg milk chocolate.
The palate is completely different͵ almost the opposite to what I expected. It tastes like a black liquorice pipe with a slightly metallic flavour and some bitter instant coffee. At 7.2% alcohol I expected a little more sweetness. I liked the idea of a Malteser flavoured beer.
Maybe the disappointment masked my opinion!
Neither Eoin or I were overly enthusiastic.
Amazing nose though but unfortunately you can't drink that!

05 January, 2011

Kelpie Seaweed Ale

When Kelpie Seaweed Ale arrived I immediately thought of Dollymount strand in a bottle. Not the most appealing comparison but I guess you link potential flavours with  memory sequence. I've heard people compare the flavour of Schlenkerla Marzen to everything from kippers/ rashers/ Smith's Bacon fries and spiced beef. So nothing is impossible.
This pours similar to the Zeitgeist from Brew Dog - A black lager. This however is an ale with a thin white head which almost immediately dissipates.
The nose was completely different than I anticipated. It initially smells candied - kola and marzipan but after serving 2 customers and reverting back to the so-called seaweed beer - I got it! Thankfully it's not Dollymount strand. It's actually a subtle coastal smell. Salty and almost medicinal.
The palate has a nice carbonation with sweet caramel flavours which finish like slightly bitter salt water...and I just ruined it!!!.
Rory was just in to purchase a can of beer to stuff his chicken with... Nothing illegal - he assures me the chicken is dead. We both tasted it and both liked it. (Back me up Rory!!!)
I suggest you try this with a couple of Californian Sushi rolls or if you're like me and don't buy into the raw fish buzz - Anything that once originated from the sea and that includes Captain Birds eye fish fingers.
Available from Deveney's of Dundrum.

04 January, 2011

Flying Dog range 2011.

I spent a miserable J1 summer in Maryland a decade ago.
My surprise when I discovered this great beer 7 years later and that actually something decent had emerged from the east coast U.S counterfeit Bray. To any of my readers from in or around that neck of the woods - I can't apologise for my blatant slating. I still have difficulty passing a ''Pizza Hut'' without experiencing flashbacks of a bad uniform and free refills.
The 2 guys that set this brewery up in 1983 claim to have had a crazy night in a tavern with
Hunter S. Thopmson and thus led to inspiration.
Each bottle bears the famous Thompson quote : ''Good people drink good beer'' - so true!
(Except for that bottle of Corona that I was caught with mid-consumption  by a highly vocal customer in Smyth's last week) Sometimes good beer is difficult to acquire.
Flying Dog is currently available through Deveney's of Dundrum.
Unfortunately I could only pre-purchase from the Brewery so availability will not be year round.
As we all know I suffer label lust. I'm not going to lie. My preference is often swayed by a prettier label and or quirkier name. I do love American Hefe Beers so my first choice would be In-Heat Wheat but the Classic is really good also. The I.P.A and the Double Pale are 2 very serious beers.
All 4 worth a try.
Detox?? A word I'm not familiar with...
Happy New Year