07 April, 2010

River Horse Hefe Ryzen

I took this in a couple of months ago along with the other River Horse gear and had neglected posting on it. For no other reason than side tracked and pre occupied.
I re-lived the Hefe- Ryzen experience on Sunday.
Panned out in front of the box with Indiana Jones, 3 Easter eggs and a bottle of Casa Patronales Reserva Cabernet. I had forgotten about this little gem buried behind a head of lettuce. David, in search of a beer discovered the Brewer's Reserve. He is now a fan along with myself and hopefully the Beer Club when I put it up on tasting Thursday week.
Despite the non de-script label, the liquid on the inside more than makes up.
It pours a merky golden colour with a nice creamy head.
The nose is ripe banana, wheat, spice and slightly caramelised aromas.
The palate has good weight, creamy mouth-feel, ripe fruit with an off dry finish.
We only had one bottle so I sacrificed, stuck with the wine and allowed Dave to hum his way through the 330mls.
Available to taste in store April 15th,
Available to purchase everyday,

April Tasting 2010

The April Tasting is scheduled for Thursday 15th.
We're gonna taste a mix of styles and varieties.
Welsh, English and American along with a couple of surprises.
I hope to see you all here at the regular slot.
-Deveney's of Dundrum
-6.30pm - 8pm
-Thursday 15th April.
Look forward to seeing the originals along with some new faces!!!.