21 April, 2011

Raging Bitch by Flying Dog.

Raging Bitch!!!...
I find it pretty difficult to write those 2 words; knowing the end result is the ''publish me'' button.
Admittedly my initial purchasing decision was down to 2 things; 1) previous beers tasted by this brewery and; 2) (far less professional) The name sealed the order deal.
I currently have 3 other; relatively expensive Belgian style American beers in stock; as a result of this; Tom questioned whether we needed to stock another?... Valid point. Although; in true Ruth Deveney style; I didn't admit it. I was thinking; I'm going to have to push this on newly separated men or Wiley hen party participants; on namesake alone; if it's not a beer I'd happily endorse.
I'm writing about it whilst drinking it.
This is an official I-doubted-you-apology; to the great people at Flying Dog. It's amazing.
It pours like a golden-amber ale with a pinkish hue.
The nose is so impressive. Peach; banana with some grassy notes; fresh lime skin and some mint. I could go on but I'll let you experience it yourselves.
The palate is heavily hopped with citrus and banana flavours and finishing with pink grapefruit and pine. The background is slightly sweet which balances the sharpness of the hop.
This ''Raging Bitch'' is a keeper!!

Happy Easter;


BMK said...

Wow, you are so lucky to have a beer named after you......

Deveneys said...

Perks of the job Brian!!

TaleOfAle said...

I heard a few weeks back that Raging Bitch was banned in my wifes home state of Michigan because of the name. Michigan is full of fundamentalist Christian reform types.

Some fantastic breweries there though.

Deveneys said...

Obviously Brian isn't a Christian Reformed type... Brian; confirm your religious status!!
It's a great beer; worth trying and sending via post to Michigan.