30 March, 2011

Unertl Ursud.

Apart from really liking what these guys do; which I do. I will also admit to ordering this beer due to it's physical appearance;  I hear you sigh; the sigh of shallow Deveney. The label gives me label lust and the bottle is equally as lovely. Now; the important bit; the beer is delicious.
It pours like a rich; slightly viscous Dunkel; with a head that's reminiscent of sea foam from Dun Laoghaire pier; appealing or not; that's what it looks like.
The nose is premium weisse. Buttery with banana; malt and mocha notes.
The palate is equally as delicious. Lot's of flavours. Caramelised sugar; banana; coffee; malt and some chocolate flavours.
All who tried loved and also asked for seconds.
In Deveney's; limited supply; definitely try.

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Colly said...

Had the same Dunkle in The Bull & Castle but it had a different label. Gorgeous stuff!