29 April, 2011

Gardener's Tipple by Hog's Back Brewery.

The new Surrey Brewery in our ever growing U.K section is Hog's Back.
They make a range of Ales and Blondes of which I took 2.
The Gardener's Tipple and Tea.
The Gardener's Tipple is the beer on tasting this evening. We chose it because it's a day that I'd romantically envision myself  doing my garden. In reality though; even if I was off enjoying the summer spurt; I definitely wouldn't be spending it with a secateurs... I don't even know what they look like and if you saw my garden you'd understand why.
The beer isn't as great as the weather; unfortunately.
The label is quite retro in a Southern- English- Mid- Summer -Murders kinda way.
It's an amber ale; nice head and lively effervescence in the glass.
The nose is promising. I get banana; Honey and herbal notes. Eoin reckons it has a spiciness; I don't detect this but he doesn't get banana so we could be both wrong.
The palate isn't awful but slightly disappointing and a little boring. It has a heavy mouth-feel but it's light on flavours. I can't find any honey or fruit; it's quite herbal and grassy with high acidity and malt on the finish.
It's refreshing but so is Cadet orange; on a sunny day... That comparison says it all.
Fingers crossed for the Tea Varietal; I'll keep you posted.
Enjoy the sunshine;

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