05 March, 2011

Metalman Pale Ale... launched.

The Bull and Castle; Beer Hall was heaving last night. The newest editions to the Irish brewing scene - Grainne and Tim; were showcasing their 'baby'- ''Metalman Pale Ale. Bloggers; brewers; beer enthusiasts; retailers and wholesalers all turned out for the gig.
I am a massive fan of The Bull and Castle and I also have a serious soft spot for Irish craft beers so there was no question about my attendance.
On arrival; David thrust a cold; condensation clad beer into my hand and immediately it felt like a Saturday night. Unfortunately it wasn't and I did have to return to Dundrum; to close up the shop but for those few minutes the weekend hysteria crept in - Great boozer with potentially great beer in hand...

I am massively impressed with this Pale Ale. I had done a little bit of internet research on other Metalman reviews and some said it was very similar to other Irish Pales on the market. I do admit that when drinking beer I really only consume bottle format but I can confirm that this is like no other Irish Pale I have tried.
It's a lovely golden nectar colour with a thin white head. The palate is really clean with very strong flavours of grapefruit and fresh lemon peel and it finishes with a slightly metallic flavour  It has a fine effervescence; not overly carbonated. Really refreshing and tastes exactly like an ideal summer beer- garden brew.
Congratulations to Grainne and Tim.
Another great Irish beer and living the dream - Best of Luck!
Available by glass or pint in:
The Bull and Castle; Christchurch
Mulligans; Stoneybatter
Against The Grain; Camden Street.
Selected establishments in Waterford.
Bottling with any luck this year!

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Deveneys said...

Apologies; not yet available in Against the Grain. Coming soon.