15 March, 2011

Frankenheim AltBier.

We tasted Frankenheim AltBier this evening.
Alt is the German word for old; you can't classify a bottle of Miller found in the back of your granny's drinks cabinet dated 01/99 as an Alt; it's a style; using warm top fermented yeast; overtime the temperature is adjusted and the beer is stored (lagered) for long periods of time after fermentation.
This is a golden brown beer; looks similar to an aged rum with a thin white head
The nose smells like an average beer - nothing unusual; malt and hop elements.
The palate has metallic and mineral flavours with hops and a rustic finish. It's clean and fresh and has enough acidity on the finish to give you a shivery spine.
Try this with a baked ham; cold or hot. Salads and vintage cheddar.
Available in Deveney's of Dundrum

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