25 February, 2011

Orval Trappist and the great story.

Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story... I happen to love a good story.

The history of Orval is definitely worth telling and drinking simultaneously.

So; The legend surrounding the ancient monastery of Orval involves the stunningly beautiful Countess Mathilda of Tuscany.
Whilst visiting the area almost 1000 years ago; she was looking into a small pond; admiring her reflection!!! When she dropped her golden ring into the water.
The ring disappeared into the muck at the bottom of the pond. The Countess was devastated and prayed to God to return her precious belonging and in return she promised to declare the land sacred and build a monastery. With that a fish surfaced with a ring in it's mouth - hence the label design.
She stayed true to her promise and still to this day the pond is enclosed behind the monastery walls. The monks claim that this is the exact site where the beautiful Countess met the holy fish.
Apart from this being a great story; the beer is equally as impressive.
It pours a caramel colour with a coffee coloured head.
The nose smells like clove; aniseed and toffee. You expect a mouthful of creamy luscious fruit as a result of this but it's a polar opposite beer.
The palate is like fresh lemons and orange flavours with some clean acidity on the finish.
This is a beer for a pastrami sandwich or salads.
It's an original old-skool ale and deserves it's iconic reputation.
You won't be disappointed.

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