12 January, 2011

Williams Deal - January 2011.

I've never been the sort to use January as a means of detox.
January is by far the most depressing and uneventful month of the year͵ hence the need to consume quantities of good alcohol. I am not͵ by any means suggesting vast quantities but a liquid sedative in the disguise of a good bottle of beer͵ a nice short of whiskey or a glass of decent wine is necessity.
The other common problem with consumption at this time of the year is the dreaded 'C' word (cash-flow)
Cue - Deveney's of Dundrum........
To get us through the next couple of months͵ I will have a series of  deals to get you off the couch ͵ doing a bit of exercise and making your way to Deveney's of Dundrum...
Kicking us off...
Williams Brewery will all be available on a mix 4 bottles͵ for a mere €10.
The range currently consists of  9 varieties͵ all displayed in photo attached and all available in Dundrum.
Let's start this January revolution!!

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