06 January, 2011

Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale.

I just experienced one of those rare days that everything plays out like an Enid Blyton book with a helping hand from ''Jim'll Fix It''...
I love days like today!!!- hassle-less͵effort-less and fruitful.
Posting on a beer seemed like a good next step.
Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale was this evenings choice.
I have consumed the 90 minute͵60 minute͵ Raison d'être and Palo Santo from these guys. India Brown was the last on my list.
It pours as described͵ a very dark brown ale.
The nose is really appealing. It smells like Horlicks and Maltesers with some bitter coffee in there and Easter-egg milk chocolate.
The palate is completely different͵ almost the opposite to what I expected. It tastes like a black liquorice pipe with a slightly metallic flavour and some bitter instant coffee. At 7.2% alcohol I expected a little more sweetness. I liked the idea of a Malteser flavoured beer.
Maybe the disappointment masked my opinion!
Neither Eoin or I were overly enthusiastic.
Amazing nose though but unfortunately you can't drink that!

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