16 November, 2010

Santa's Butt, Winter Porter.

Santa's Butt is the second instalment of our vast Christmas beer selection, the balance is on a boat somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean- we're hoping to see it this side of December 25th.
Santa's Butt is a Winter Porter, apparently a Winter Porter differs from any other Porter because of 2 things, first being it's released in Winter (surprisingly enough) and second is that it's a racier style. Certainly the label is racier, my first concern when looking at this label is Santa's cholesterol level, that is one very big behind and I'm also hoping he's not stuck for cash - he clearly needs new trousers.
The beer, as you can see is a dark porter style with reddish/ amber tones and a thin cream coloured head.
It smells like espresso, clove and liquorice but not the Christmas nose I normally get crazy excited about. It smells like any other dark porter or stout, very nice but not seasonal.
The palate is loaded with black chocolate and liquorice but it's a much lighter palate than I anticipated.It's smooth with a long finish and loads of flavour.
Will post on the Christmas beers as they arrive.

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