20 November, 2010

Rosey Nosey - Batemans

Rosey Nosey arrived in this afternoon.
After putting the Christmas spirit window together we cracked the crown on this familiar Christmas beer.
 It pours a light brown with red and pink tones and a thin white head.
The nose, Eoin describes as very similar to Samichlaus - sweet and sticky.
It smells like sweet caramel, milk chocolate, a little bit of cinnamon and some stone fruit.
The palate is completely different. It's dry with a meaty and savoury earthiness. No fruit at all. It has a nice carbonation.
I'd regard this a thirst quencher. Try it with a sandwich containing the left-overs from the Christmas dinner. Good home cooked salty ham and some hot mustard- St Stephen's Day special!!
Declan had just returned from McDonald's after partaking in his four cheeseburger  ritual and joined the tasting, He insisted on a photograph - I almost always keep my promise Declan!!



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Leigh said...

Im actually drinking this as I type. RN is one of the few xmas beers I actually rate - it's gorgeous stuff, and I love this time of year, purely because I can get my hands on it.