15 October, 2010

Weissenoher, Klosterbrauerei, Kolster Sud.

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It's Thursday night, again! and as you avid readers know, myself and my little brother Eoin pick a Thursday brew to review.
Weissenoher, Klosterbrauerei, Kloster Sud is the beer of tonight.
Firstly neither of us can pronounce this one, let alone spell it. This is a very traditional label, Eoin thinks a little dated, I like kitsch so it does it for me.
When  poured it looks like a glass of Schweppes Ginger Ale. Lovely rich brown colour with reddish and yellow tones and a thin white head.
The nose smells like coffee and raisin with a bonfire smokiness, maybe burnt banana and definitely Horlicks malt and toffee. Every time I go back to it I pick up a different distinctive smell. It's really complex and unusual.
The palate is just as big and unusual as the nose. Instant coffee - Nescafe, maybe!- doesn't sound appealing, caramel and loads of malt. Quite sweet initially but finishes dry and chalky.
I'd consider this an acquired taste- Definitely a food beer, try baked ham or a vintage cheddar.
Not for me but everyone to their own.

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