09 October, 2010

Augustiner Oktoberfest 2010.

I'm not going to lie to you, the label alone does it for me on this beer. The entire range of Augustiner always gets me excited, possibly because it's not consistently available 12 months of the year but also the beer is just so good. It's a style that appeals to almost anyone, I could give it to my granny and she'd appreciate it. It's inoffensive and deliciously refreshing but without being run- of -the- mill boring.
The Augustiner Oktoberfest has a nose that's reminiscent of a Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough,  asparagus and slightly grassy but there's also some honey evident. I won't repeat how Eoin described the colour in the glass but let's just say kidney infection and plastic cup in a doctor's surgery. Although not a very appetising description, pretty accurate.
The palate is very different to the nose, it's nicely carbonated but not overly, creamy with a hint of ''Ranchero'' smokiness and some sweeter flavours close to the finish. This all sounds pretty imbalanced but it works really well.
Anyone who called into the shop after 9pm on Thursday tasted it and consequently bought it. Even Karl who drinks Tuborg substituted a couple of tins for a bottle.
It'll be available for the remainder of  October, if you miss the opportunity you'll have to hold out for another 11 months, so get moving!!!

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