03 November, 2010

Weaver's Gold, Blonde Irish Ale- Clanconnel

I haven't tasted this since the Festival in August and although it was one of the only I sampled on that night, I had difficulty remembering what it was I liked and more importantly what it was that you all liked.
Aahhhh my memory has been jogged!
It pours as you can see, this golden bright lemon colour with a white frothy head.
The nose is fresh and clean with lemon, grapefruit and some apple notes.
We all tasted it - Tom, myself, 2 World beer customers and Damien, The avid Dutch Gold drinker.
The palate is all lemon. I can't describe this any better than a 'Fat' palate, it has weight in it that's not expected, probably due to the creamy background and the fact that lemon is not a flavour that I'd associate with fatness.
A very pleasant surprise and 4/5 of the tasting crew liked it.
Damien on the other hand wasn't too impressed, I'm working on converting him from commercial can to premium bottle and currently all I'm getting is resistance, this is a nut I plan to crack soon though.
Clanconnel, Weaver's Gold is definitely worth a try - Well done Mark!

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