29 October, 2010

Zeitgeist by Brewdog

This 4.9% Black lager by Brewdog was a pleasant surprise. Although I appreciate stouts and dark beers they wouldn't be my first choice of style. In saying that though Brewdog seem to do no wrong in my eyes and this black sheep gets the same response.
It pours a silky black liquid with a thin white head.
This is the epitome of  the book and cover syndrome. The nose is like melon and those old-skool Rosy Apple sweets, it's a candied smell but not synthetically candied despite the quarter reference, there's also some floral notes. When I went back to it half an hour later this fresh fruit smell had evolved into a roasted malt nose.
The palate is floral and appley but the finish has some coffee flavours and black chocolate with a hint of hop and some nice refreshing acidity. This is a beer for all tastes. It seems to combine a good quality lager style with a roasted malt beer and an element of a pale ale, very interesting and layers of flavours.
I'm also very excited to inform you all that 'Sink the Bismark' is en-route from Scotland.. 2 bottles bound for Deveney's of Dundrum.
Shout if you're interested!

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