08 July, 2009

Father Jacque and Matilda.

These two new editions to the Goose Island Family arrived last Friday - Pere Jacques '09 & Matilda '09, both Belgian style ales.

For those who don't know me I'm a serious sucker for a good story and these both come with the stamp of Deveney romanticism.......

Whether they're fact or fiction, I say good job Greg, keep up the good work and Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story.

Matilda '09 - written by Greg Hall. Brew master. G.Isl

The story goes: 'Once upon a time in a valley, a beautiful Countess lost something precious to her in a small pond. Racked with grief she prayed for it's return. Very quickly it resurfaced in the most wondrous of ways ( I'd like to know how exactly it was wondrous). After her prayers had been answered she blessed the pond and the valley. Later she had an Abbey built there. Today they brew beer. Really good beer and a great story. Of course we wanted to share what we had heard and tasted. Usually we do that over beers. This we did with a beer'

Pere Jacques '09 - written by Greg Hall, Brew master. G.Isl

'We were doing these great Brewery tours of Belgian. We toured the best breweries, even the Trappist Breweries, but we couldn't get into one of them. We were so determined that we kept calling until someone said yes. He was the Abbot and his name was Pere Jacques. He personally gave us a tour of one of the most beautiful breweries I've ever visited. We finished it off with a wonderful lunch of roast duck and wild boar, perfectly matched with the breweries own ales. I'll never forget that day and the beer. We brew Pere Jacques with loads of malt and Belgian yeast for a wonderfully complex, fruity malt ale'

So... get in and try the good stuff with the great stories.

O&O Ruthxx


chris.obrien said...

Just finished a Jacque and all I can say is wow! Colour me impressed!
How do I sign up for that mailing list?

Deveneys said...

Hi Chris, I'm havin a bit of difficulty with my mailing list at the moment. You can sign up to this blog and follow it, The tastings generally lands on the 3rd Thursday of every month. I'll be working on my mailing list today - if I can get it fixed I'll add you in.

chris.obrien said...

Thanks Ruth!