04 February, 2011

St Bernardus Pater 6

Apologies to all those that misread the tasting date and turned up this evening.  Our February tasting is scheduled for Thursday 10th and despite popular belief (in the form of 3 angry men) I did not amend the tasting date͵ you just read it wrong!!!
St Bernardus Pater 6 was opened as compensation.
It pours the colour of a ''Coke Float'' with a frothy thick head.
The nose is malt͵ caramel͵ milk chocolate and cherries
The palate͵ as you inhale is strawberries and sweet fruit. This changes quickly and finishes with malt and black liquorice.
It's a 6.7% ale. Enough to make you feel as jolly after 4 bottles as St. Bernardus himself.
Eoin and I both liked it and it managed to placate the 3 placard- holding- conspiracy- theorists.
See you 3 and everyone else NEXT Thursday!!.

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