24 February, 2011

Old Fog Horn; Anchor Brewing Co.

Old Fog Horn by Anchor Steam Brewery. San Francisco CA.
This is a beer for the Wednesday blues; possibly I'm the only one who suffers from these. I have consulted some of my office pals and they all concur that their mid-week slump lands on a Tuesday. Whatever day you feel the urge to wrap your jacket around your waist and sprint to Cobh with no intention of returning; this is a far more reasonable vent and if you can hold off till after 6pm; you'll manage to keep your job also... Everyone's a winner.
This pours like a traditional English ale; dark golden with some red flecks. It looks like beer-ified  Autumn. A thin white head tops it.
The nose; like The Humming Ale by these guys; has strong peach notes with some burnt sugar and malt.
The palate has sweet fruit flavours; brown bread; malt and maple syrup. It's got some sugar evident on the palate but that's to be expected; it's 8.8% alc.
Don't let the Barley Wine style put you off...
Drink it now with goats cheese or a bar of Alpine milk Chocolate. If you're the patient type; cellar for up to 8 years and let us know what it's like...


The Hearty Goodfellow said...

Anchor have developed a habit of brewing very, very fine ales.

Don't know this one, but I'm almost wishing for some Wednesday blues to wash away with it.

Deveneys said...

It's not necessary to suffer the mid-week blues but I do believe a decent beer tastes better after a particularly hard day. It's worth tasting one way or the other though. R.