28 January, 2011

Erdinger Urweisse

Erdinger Urweisse landed yesterday.

Apart from the really old- skool retro label͵ it was the chunky cardboard- like sediment that got my attention͵ floating in the base of the bottle. It kind of resembled a snow globe. Anything that has the confidence to look kind of gross and claim to taste delicious enough to export͵ we had to try.
It pours the colour and cloudiness of a village cider. Nectar with a speckled white͵ heavy murkiness.
The nose is phenomenal͵ it has all the characteristics that are associated with a good German weisse - ripe banana- sandwich- banana and spice but apart from the usual͵there's vanilla pod͵ cream and a smoky maltiness in there too. 
The flavours were a little less forward than the nose but nevertheless I loved͵ Eoin wasn't so sold.  The mouth-feel reminds me of a double cream. It has almost like a banana malted milkshake palate and some clove and black peppercorn in the background.
As for the floating cardboard͵ disappointingly I didn't detect it.
For all the Weisse fans͵ most definitely try it!!!

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