20 December, 2010


If you were one of the lucky 65 people to acquire one of the 72 bottles of xxBitter 330ml in your Beer Box than my feelings towards you are both of jealousy and resentment.
This was a little unexpected gem.
It pours a milky cream colour with a snow white head and has a nose like ripe blackberry and cherries with a hint of yeast and hop. This leads to the expectation of a sweet palate and the surprise is... You're wrong and so was I!!!
It has some very dry fruit flavours with this crisp acidity and slight chalkiness on the finish. This has the look of a witte beer.The nose is reminiscent of both a Belgian witte teamed with a weisse and a hint of a lambic and the palate is a combination of a witte with a hint of an I.P.A.
So in essence this is a beer brewed by Charlie in the Chocolate factory but fortunately there's no swelling or violet  colour changing.

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Hello brewers, that this Christmas will bring much happiness to all and many beers ...
Happy Christmas ...........