10 December, 2010

Gouden Carolus Christmas 2010.

Gouden Carolus Christmas is definitely the 2010 festive favourite. This comes in at 10.5% alc. but still remains elegant and beer-like despite having a German wine abv.
This pours the colour of dark amber with a thin white head.
The nose is what I look for in a Christmas beer. I do have a gripe with some of the Christmas Ales
on the market currently, apparently having a Santa beard or an Elf's foot on the label qualifies as a Christmas beer. This exudes seasonality.
The nose smells like pink bubblegum and clove with aniseed and banana. The palate is aniseed with sweet fruit  and some wood/pine flavours.
This is a relatively sweet beer. Not Samichlaus sweet but definitely warrants a piece of Cashel Blue.
Drink chilled or at room temperature.

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