06 December, 2010

Christmas beers 2010

I have been waiting with Bated breath for our Christmas stock to arrive and just when I thought I couldn't hold out any longer...
-St Bernardus 4x330ml Glass Pack
-Goose Island Mild Winter 330ml
-Goose Island Christmas Ale 750ml
-St Bernardus Christmas Ale 750ml
-Samichlaus Limited Edition 750ml
-Samichlaus 330ml
-Triple Karmeliet & Kwak Gift Pack and just in case you weren't yet that impressed...

*Rochefort 8 Magnums*!!!!!!******************************
Gouden Carolus Christmas Ale is also here with some 330ml xxBitters.

If this doesn't tempt you to take a trip to Dundrum, then I give up.
I am having some serious difficulty writing this post as my hands feel like frozen steaks, nothing that a couple of bottles of Samichlaus won't thaw.
I can now officially say....
**************HOPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!**************

1 comment:

BMK said...

Samichlaus (extra large) and St Bernardus, on the boot. My extra Christmas gift to me.

thanks Ruth and all at Devenney's

Happy Christmas