15 November, 2010

Weisser Hirsch.

There's nothing quite like kicking off your week with an early start which includes opening shutter's, boiling the kettle, changing the cctv camera and opening a brand new beer - this my friends, is work as I know it!! It will get progressively more difficult as the day proceeds but right now, for these few minutes, it's the best profession in the World! Just for the record, may I clarify, this is tasting not boozing - I am also not operating heavy machinery or climbing in behind the wheel of my car for another 12 hours, so safe? It couldn't be safer!.
I took in approximately 15 new beers last week. This has a swing top so I can open it at 11.09am, swing-top it into place and resume consumption at 10.20pm this evening.
Weisser Hirsch joined the rest of her family in our refrigeration unit last Friday.
This pours a very light almost lager colour weiss with a heavy white frothy head.
The second I open the bottle I can smell ripe banana and vanilla ice-cream. In the glass, the nose changes to banana and black peppercorn.
The palate has a light fizz, very creamy with flavours of ripe banana and clove - very typical but it has this lovely light finish with a slight lift in acidity at the end.
Definitely a beer I'd serve with some nice 60% Brie and a French stick.
Very nice!!

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