11 November, 2010

Sharp's Chalky's Bark.

Eoin Deveney takes a bad picture
Chalky's Bark - Sharp's, Cornwall
Absolutely anything that contains ginger has me sold, immediately. It's up there with cinnamon as a favourite pastry flavour.
This pours a lager colour with a thin white head - Budweiser?!!!! It does look like Budweiser!
The nose smells like Christmas. Slight smokiness with candied orange and spicy notes - not solely ginger, definitely my 2nd favourite pastry flavour features and orange peel.
The palate is quite light with some subtle flavours, predominantly orange with some fresh ginger spiciness, slightly honeyed and a dry finish.
Eoin reckons it's very refreshing and despite having an orange phobia!!! (no exaggeration) seems pleased with his beer choice this evening.
Try it with a spiced beef sandwich and redcurrant jelly - aka: Christmas Eve after work in the Deveney household.
Very enjoyable!
Ruth & Eoin xx

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