26 November, 2010

Odell Isolation Ale '10

There are 2 things I look forward to when the temperature drops below -1C.
The first being, the new season of Desperate Housewives and the second is the arrival of some really good winter beers.
This is definitely the best I've tried yet. This brewery is fast becoming my favourite new arrival.
Odell Isolation Ale, a 6.1% ale that has a colour quite similar to the once- banned red lemonade T.K.
The second the crown cap is off I get strong notes of Turkish delight and violet. When poured into the glass these are prominent along with some floral hop aromas.
The palate is dry with flavours of burnt toffee, floral hop and a nice acidity.
So far, this for me is the favourite Winter '10 but there's a range still to come.
Stay tuned!!!

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