05 October, 2010

Erdinger Oktoberfest, IFSC, Dublin '10

Chris from Erdinger and myself  having a stein
Sunday consisted of re-runs of last weeks Eastender's and a 4 o'clock start at the Erdinger Oktoberfest in the IFSC.
I went in, family in tow, to meet Chris from Erdinger and check out the Beer Festival competition.
Definitely worth a trip. Beer good, crowd good, crepes good, music not great but very German beer festival authentic.
I have to admit that both Erdinger and Paulaner Oktoberfest I would prefer in bottle, I know that that sounds a little conveniently bias but this is written from a review perspective without my retailer hat on. There's something about the more commercial styles of Oktoberfest beer that translate better in bottle format, equally as much as the less exported beers taste better on draught such as Lowenbrau and Augustiner. Paulaner and Erdinger Oktoberfest bottled is a style that evokes true Germanic flavours and smells. I always get stewed apple and cinnamon from Erdinger Oktoberfest with a creamy sweet palate and a doughy dry finish. The Erdinger Oktoberfest on draught just doesn't have the same appeal for me. It's very drinkable but seems alot lighter in style.
Met Barry, Phil and Steve as seen in previous post pictures. They were enjoying all of the above and loving the beer so possibly I've become one of those painfully fussy reviewers or just boring and old!!
Erdinger Oktoberfest available in Deveney's Dundrum. Special price 2x500ml for €5.
*Offer available while stocks last*

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