07 October, 2010

The ''Deveney's Beer Box'' delivered nationwide.

''Deveney's Beer Box''
*Having difficulty playing Santa to all of your friends? *Finding the perfect Kris Kindle gift for 'Brian' in the accounts department? or

*No time and even less motivation to visit your Uncle in Tubercurry with a box of Lily o'Brien's?.....

Deveney's of Dundrum have come up with one solution for all gift conundrums...
The 'Deveney's Beer Box'  which contains 12 seasonal premium beers plus glass delivered to any location nationwide. All for €50.00
*selection disclosed on order due to stock availability*
Please order via email or telephone, payment required pre delivery.


BMK said...

Cool... and I dont work in accounts!!!!

Deveneys said...

It wasn't you Brian that I was speaking of but I'm sure that you'd appreciate a Beer Box all the same!

BMK said...

Mrs duly nudged, expect the call...

Deveneys said...

Would love to see her but she can also order on line, if suits better.
Talk soon Brian,

Anne said...

Hi Ruth,

I was in with you yesterday buying bottles of Paulaner Oktoberfest and Peroni. I love this idea of your beer box and will definitely be ordering one for himself for Christmas but have you thought of expanding it to a beer club membership? so that members would get a new beer every month on top of their Xmas hamper or else vouchers that allowed them to claim two bottles every month. It would be a gift that kept on giving!

Hope to see you at the tasting next Saturday 6th


Deveneys said...

Hi Anne,
I have thought of it but delivery is expensive so delivery per bottle would work out far too much. We do run a beer club if you're interested. We meet once a month, the next tasting is November 6th - Saturday.
Thanks Anne,