21 October, 2010

Brooklyn Pennant Ale '55

This is the first beer that I've tasted in ages that I'd be happy to be locked into a cold room with for days on end.
This golden coloured ale was brewed in honour of the Brooklyn Dodgers World Series win in 1955.
It pours the colour of Mount Gay rum with a thin white head. The nose smells like a hot barbecue, slightly woody, pine resin and vanilla, really appealing.
The palate doesn't disappoint, I get an unsweetened Kola flavour but there's a meaty savoury element to it too, pleasantly floral, a really clean finish and it's not too heavy despite how it sounds.
Eoin reckons it's the best Thursday brew we've tasted in a while and I have to agree.
The winning beer this month, We love it!!!

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