30 September, 2010

Avalanche, Fyne Ales

Adam has been harping on about this new Brewery since last Christmas and finally 9 months later it's here and pretty good. I like a beer that I can consume easily whilst watching X-factor repeats.
I am a massive fan of Headless Dog, Bitter and Twisted and when available Tradewinds by Cairngorm.
Fyne Ales, Avalanche is taste related to all of the above.
It pours, as you can see, a lemon and honey colour with a thin white head. It's one of those beers that's is brewed to look really good in a glass, It reminds me of an old Foster's adds where theirs a handsome rugged Aussie man wearing very little, a smoking barbecue and a glass of cold lager complete with condensation. Only we're minus the handsome rugged Australian, the shrimps but thankfully the beer is far better than Foster's lager.
It smells like grapefruit and lemon with elderflower, not the cordial type but quite like St Germain elderflower liqueur. The mouth-feel is only slightly carbonated, very lemony with floral flavours and a very dry and biscuity finish.
Fyne Ales is a family owned Scottish Brewery. The beer is brewed very close to Loch Fyne and was set up in 2001. You can find these guys in Argyll, Scotland and they kindly advertise brewery tours by appointment on their labels... A weekend in Scotland anyone???
All 3 varieties available in Deveney's - Maverick, Piper's Gold and Avalanche.


DAVID Hyland said...

I popped into Deveneys on the way home last night with a hungry tummy and a thrist for a quality refreshing beer.As always the stunningly beautiful and always helpful ruth was on hand to help.She recommended a fine ale called "Avalanche" witch was light and really refreshing and went down a treat with my pork chops.It's brother a dark bitter ale called 'Maverick' is really nice too.Thanks Ruth X

Deveneys said...

Thanks David! Glad you enjoyed the selection and thanks for the kind words of praise.