08 June, 2010

White Hawk.

Haven't tried the Red Tail but had a bottle of the White Hawk with David and a bowl of home-made Guacamole on Sunday. We're both massive fans of American I.P.A's and this is good.
Looks like a Belgian witte beer, creamy and milky in the glass. The palate is caramel, honey and some nice balanced hops. In fact this is more my kinda I.P.A than most I've tried of late.
A little less savoury than most and a heavier palate.
Maybe less of a summer beer but then the weather over the last 4 days has been more monsoon than South of France.
It's really good and worth €3.29,

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TaleOfAle said...

I had red tale in San Francisco recently. Not bad but there were far more interesting beers on offer.