27 May, 2010

Lughnasa Beer Festival tickets for sale.

After much design debate we have agreed, sent to print and as of yesterday tickets and posters are here in my possession. I can guarantee that you will come across these colourful posters in the strangest of locations. Unfortunately the tickets must be purchased through Deveney's of Dundrum or via Paypal on this blog.
Look forward to vending to you all!!!
Don't leave it too late, hate to disappoint,
€20.00 each.


BMK said...

4 please :-)

happy days

Anonymous said...


What does the ticket price entitle you to?

Deveneys said...

The Ticket price of €20 entitles the ticket holder access to the Beer festival, 5 complimentary Beer Punts, the festival Beer book and your tasting glass.

Padraic said...

Looks like a good night out. Just wondering is there a rough guide to the pricing of drinks when we get there?

What can one buy with 5 beer Punts and can we buy more beer punts when we're inside?7

Deveneys said...

1 'Beer Punt'= 1 beer measure (140ml), additional 'Beer Punts' are available to purchase through the 'Beer Bank'for €1.50 each.
It's an inexpensive way to taste as many unusual beers as you like and it's really good fun!

Padraic said...

Sounds good Ruth, I'll try to rope in a couple of the lads and then I'll visit you to pick up tickets...

Are there still a few tickets available?

Deveneys said...

There are tickets available but the sooner you get in the better, advertising on radio and papers to start within the next 3 weeks. Don't want any disappointment, there will be no ticket sales on the night, if I can help it!!!It'll be a great night.

Anonymous said...

Stupid price. Its not 2006 you know.