04 March, 2010

Little Valley, Giner Pale Ale.

A night on my own in number 66 is a rarity so, Tuesday I executed some secret single behaviour in the form of ''10 Thing's I hate about you'' (bad Heath Ledger Chick Flick), a bacon sandwich and a bottle of Little Valley Brewery, Ginger Pale Ale. This is unlike any alcoholic ginger flavoured beers we've done before. Hailing from West Yorkshire, suitable for Vegans, CAMRA certified and a reasonable alcohol content for a Tuesday - 4%. I like this.....

It pours a deep golden honey colour. The nose is really interesting and delicious - spice, ginger, fresh honey and citrus fruit.I expected a mouth-full of McVities Jamaica Cake, I was totally off though. Dry, crisp, slightly yeasty with flavour of root ginger and lemon zest. Really refreshing. I think I've found a new accompaniment to Asian food. Amazing with duck and orange sauce or experiment with summer shandies - this year it's all about kitsch also known as money saving.

Will be available in Deveney's of Dundrum late next week.


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